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YMMV / Prince of Stride

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  • Adaptation Displacement: You'd be forgiven if you thought the PS Vita game came first. The original light novels tended to be much lower on the fandom radar.
  • Ho Yay: So much in the anime. The reverse harem/otome roots have been played down considerably in favour of putting focus on the relationships between the male characters so just about everyone is hit with this. Of special note is the relationship between Riku and Takeru. Takeru in particular is Ambiguously Gay, as he likes to stare at and grope male characters' legs, even going so far as to molest them in the bath in episode 4 while blushing.
    • Hozumi and Ayumu have a fair amount too. After Ayumu injured himself in episode 4's race Hozumi continued to the finish line, then immediately turned around and sprinted back to him while shouting his name.
      • The Hozumi x Ayumu ship gets even MORE attention in episode 5, when Hozumi is the only one who visits Ayumu in hospital. Hozumi refuses to have anyone replace Ayumu on the team and only agrees when Ayumu persuades him to give Kuga another chance.
      • In episode 6, when the Ichijokan relationer insults Ayumu, Hozumi furiously jumps to Ayumu's defence and has to be physically held back by Heath and Ayumu.
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    • Let's not forget Kuga X Heath, shall we ? The scene where Heath convinces Kuga to come back to the club looks like love confession scene. Doesn't help that Nana, Takeru, and Riku are all blushing when Heath says all that to Kuga. As if it was specifically made that each members of the same year are pairs. Kuga and Heath are both 3rd year, Hozumi and Ayumu are 2nd year, Takeru and Riku are 1st year.
      • A bit of Fridge Logic here. Why don't Kuga transfer school after the incident? Because he was being watchful to Heath. Watching him from distance to ensure he is okay. Waiting when will Heath need him again and always ready for that. Look how easy it is to convince him to rejoin the club. It's as if he was purposefully waiting for that moment, Heath asking him.
    • The official relationship diagram just screams of gay.
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  • Periphery Demographic: Although the game obviously caters to both Otome Game and sports anime fans, the anime seems to try to focus on a fujoshi fandom instead, focusing on the relationships between the boys instead of Nana (who doesn't even make it to most of the promo material despite being the protagonist)
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Several of the males look like girls, with the most obvious examples being Yuri, Madoka, and Hozumi.

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