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YMMV / Planet Hulk

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Here’s one for Iron Man and Mr Fantastic from before Planet Hulk even started: Iron Man has stated multiple times that they knew that the Civil War back on Earth would happen before anyone else did. Now, before the Civil War began, they, along with the rest of the Illuminati(minus Namor) also decided to send the Hulk away on another planet because they deemed Hulk to be too dangerous, which leads us to this storyline. However, what if Tony and Reed had another reason? What if their real reason for sending Hulk away was because they probably knew that Hulk would be more likely to side with Captain America than with them and because they knew that whoever would have Hulk on their side (again, most likely Steve) would have a huge advantage over the other side?
  • Catharsis Factor: Caiera setting the Red King's Spike spore on him; the very same one he used to kill her parents. This causes his Death's Head Guards, who were programmed by him to prioritize eradicating the Spike infection, to burn him to death with him screaming in agony.
  • Complete Monster: The "Red King", real name Angmo-Asan, seemingly saved Caeira's life in a flashback from the slaughter of her village before enslaving her. In his gladiatorial match against the Hulk, the Red King begins by slaughtering a group of the arena's survivors. Ordering the deaths of any who question the tributes he receives, the Red King dismisses the complaints of peasants, whom he compares to animals. In his rematch against the Hulk, the Red King tries to destroy the arena with a nuke, uncaring for the audience within the blast radius. When confronted about his atrocities, the Red King smugly proclaims killing to be his right, duty, and pleasure. Finally defeated, the Red King tries to destroy the planet he is on as a final act of spite.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The inciting incident, Hulk's rampage in Vegas, is played lightheartedly in the issues it was depicted in. There was the tension of a stronger than usual Hulk going on a rampage as the Thing and Human Torch confront him, but that same tension is used to undercut the suspense with comedic turns. As far as was shown, the most damage was to property. Then comes the issues depicting the Illuminati deliberating on the matter and it's discussed that he killed 26 people and a dog on his rampage.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Red King crosses this in Caiera's eyes when he sets the Spikes against the Hulk and then bombs the village he infected with them.

Animated adaptation

  • Complete Monster: The Red King is the tyrannical of the planet Sakaar. He created and unleashed Spikes when he was just a boy, having them turn countless innocents into flesh-eating abominations and manipulating Caiera into serving him. The Red King has thrown countless people, be they rebels or slaves, into death matches in the Colosseum, even brainwashing Korg's three brothers into ruthless killers. When Hulk and his team earn their freedom, the Red King tries to get them to kill their friend Elloe to prove their loyalty to him, deciding to fry them all when they refuse. Unleashing Spikes on the village where gladiators have been hiding, Red King smugly reveals the truth to Caiera before having the village burned to the ground. The Red King has gladiators captured and the seemingly dead Hulk brought to the capital, planning to personally execute them to break the people's hope.