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Tear Jerker / Planet Hulk

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Comic and Movie

  • Korg having to kill his brainwashed brothers in self-defense. He hadn't seen them since they barely survived from being killed by Beta Ray Bill and Thor on their last trip to Earth and now he had to kill them to protect himself and his new friends. He clearly hates himself after the act and refers to himself as the murderer of his brothers.
  • From the comics, Miek having to kill the last Native queen because she was infected by the spikes.
  • The ashes of a girl Caiera was cradling dissolving in her arms. Her scream of anguish in the animated film is heartbreaking.
    • Caiera's own ashes dissolving in Hulk's arms after the shuttle explodes in the comics.
  • Watching poor Miek trying to talk Hulk into staying with the resistance, poor little guy.
    Miek: Please, please. Miek is Hulk's friend.