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Quotes / Planet Hulk

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They sent him to save their world. And now it's time to come home. But his ship is sailing the wrong way. His friends talk and talk. So calm. So reasonable. Explaining their trick. Soon he can't hear their words. Only the annoying buzzing of their puny human voices. Drowned out by the blood surging through his body. Drowned out by his rage. The monster saved them all. And in their fear, they betrayed him. As they always have. As they always will. This is the story of the Green Scar. The Eye of Anger. The World Breaker. Harkanon. Haarg. Holku ... ...Hulk. And how he finally came home.
Opening Narration.

Oh, Sakaarson, hear my cry. My eyes are burning. My heart is ice. My night is filled with death. Oh, Sakaarson, hear my cry. Cool my eyes. Warm my heart. Let me dream again.
Traditiona Sakaaran prayer.