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Nightmare Fuel / Planet Hulk

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  • The Spike-infected child.
  • Caiera having to fight off her mutating family.
  • The little girl Caiera is protecting getting reduced to dust on-screen after the Fantastic Nuke explosion. After the explosion, there is a small Hope Spot where the girl is still in her arms seemingly alive, then comes the revelation, providing both a haunting sight and another reason to want the Red King dead.
  • The Red King's Karmic Death in the film. First, getting infected by his own bioweapon, then being subjected to Kill It with Fire by his own guard robots.
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  • For the comics, the revelation that the eggs that the Imperials eat are laid by Native slaves. Meaning that Imperials regularly consume the fetuses of another sentient race for food. A sentient race that also has at least some form of citizenship. It's not even that important to the plot, and it's clear that the people know exactly what they're doing, even if they don't think of Natives as people.

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