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Nightmare Fuel / Planet Hulk

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An enraged Hulk? Bad. An enraged Hulk with Body Horror? Worse!
  • The Spikes. A bioengineered plague used by the Red King that rains infectious parasites on a population, painfully mutates them into ravenous zombies, and causes them to spread the infection or kill whatever non-infected person they see. When the infection is complete, the Red King sends his death squad to burn the population to ashes and then starts over. Worse is he's apparently been doing this since he was a young boy.
  • Korg's telling of the story of how he went to Earth. It's a blatant nightmarish scenario of Humans Are Cthulhu where Korg and his brothers fought and were driven off by Thor and Beta Ray Bill after being nearly killed and rendered completely helpless beforehand. The story is told from an alien's perspective and Thor is shown literally amputating one of them and bashing another one's head in and then beating them into gravel. Then Korg reveals Bill chased after them in a blind fury and it's shown later that Bill still remembers Korg and is delighted to finish Korg off.
  • The Gladiator fights are typical Morton's Fork Nightmare dilemmas. If you win three fights you go free, but no one's survived even one and the fights become more difficult with each victory. The final being against a particularly pissed off Beta Ray Bill!
  • The fate of the Rock Aliens in the arena which firmly averts What Measure Is a Mook?. They were once Korg's brothers in arms and are now reduced to rubble and body parts with pain-stricken faces when he kills them.
  • Caiera having to fight off her mutating family during the first Spikes plague before eventually having to kill her kid brother when he too succumbed to the plague.
  • The little girl Caiera is protecting getting reduced to dust on-screen after the Fantastic Nuke explosion. After the explosion, there is a small Hope Spot where the girl is still in her arms seemingly alive, then comes the revelation, providing both a haunting sight and another reason to want the Red King dead.
    • Even before all that, the poor girl crying and asking her mutated parents why their trying to hurt her.
  • The Hulk being infected by the Spikes is pretty horrendous as the page image will prove.
  • The Red King's Karmic Death in the film. First, getting infected by his own bioweapon, then being subjected to Kill It with Fire by his own guard robots.
  • For the comics, the revelation that the eggs that the Imperials eat are laid by Native slaves. Meaning that Imperials regularly consume the fetuses of another sentient race for food. A sentient race that also has at least some form of citizenship. It's not even that important to the plot, and it's clear that the people know exactly what they're doing, even if they don't think of the Natives as people.