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  • Awesome Music:
    • Everything sung by Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia, who provided inspired songs that were used in the anime (as OP themes, ED themes, and insert songs) for their respective counterparts (punk-styled rock for Nana and the Black Stones, and alternative rock for Reira and Trapnest), such as Tsuchiya's "Kuroi Namida" and Olivia's "Wish".
    • The insanely infectious "Glamorous Sky" (sung by Mika Nakashima) from the movie.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The main plot of the series is about the relationship about both Nanas, and how it develops over time. However, as they separate, the audience realizes that every single person and situation around them turn out to be shittier than they originally were. With the manga on hiatus since 2009, the last meeting between both of them raised uncertainty about their future as friends (which would probably lead to a final meeting before the "Present Time" takes place).
    • Hachi's Will They or Won't They? relationship with Nobu was very close to be extremely tiring, regardless of the advancements between those two. Too bad the whole mess about her pregnancy brought Takumi back into her life, and some chapters later, she loudly dismissed him over the phone after overhearing him complaining about how pregnant women are such a bother.
  • Die for Our Ship:
    • While Sachiko did get in between girlfriend and boyfriend, it still sucks that she's the one who gets almost all the shit, even though it was clearly Shoji who was two-timing with her and Hachi.
    • Reira receives a lot of hate from both Takumi/Hachi shippers AND Nana/Ren shippers. Takumi, however, is still loved by fans even when he is cheating on Hachi without a second thought, while his feelings towards her settle only slightly above indifference; and of course, Ren is the one who has been shown to have previous feelings for Reira, while Reira sees him more as a confidant and a friend, and was clearly upset when the press threatened to release pictures that would persuade the public they were having an affair. Perhaps a milder version of Ron the Death Eater.
    • And then, of course, there are the Nana/Hachi shippers, who'd just like all those pesky men to disappear and leave the two alone.
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    • However, throughout the years, the hate towards Takumi has started to flock up with both Hachi/Nobu and Hachi/Nana shippers beating on him as a horrible asshole who should just leave Hachi alone so she can be with someone who'll treat her well. Although unlike most examples, the hate towards Takumi is definitely not as unwarranted considering he really isn't a pleasant person and did make things more complicated.
  • Idiot Plot: A lot of the drama stems from the two Nanas either making one questionable decision after the other or misunderstanding the other's intentions.
  • Retroactive Recognition: The English Nanas are Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer, respectively.
  • The Scrappy: Takumi. Big time. Interestingly enough, this is a more recent sentiment - back then, hate towards Takumi wasn't as vocal, but today, most Nana fans, even old ones, utterly despise him and wished he would be written out of the story and finally leave Hachi alone. For valid reasons, or for shipping reasons.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Hachi basically turns this into an Olympic sport.
  • Wangst: Sometimes, Hachi acknowledges that she complains a lot even when she shouldn't.
  • Why Would Anyone Take Him Back?: As the years went by, a very common sentiment were fans wondering why Hachi took Takumi back.

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