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  • The Merch: Every volume spends several pages detailing new merchandise and spin-offs of Nana and Yazawa's other works.
  • Non-Singing Voice:
    • It is notorious that, while Romi Park and Aya Hirano (who by 2006, was starting her singing career) had done character songs for other roles in their works, this time, their singing roles were given to Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia Lufkin, who are better fit for the genres of music that both Nana O. and Reira are supposed to be singing-in-character.
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    • Averted in the live action movies, where Mika Nakashima and Yuna Ito (Nana and Reira, respectively) are real life singers.
  • Schedule Slip: Ai Yazawa has been known to have some problems related to her health that affected the last two years of the manga series before it started its current hiatus on 2009, when they finally sent her to the hospital for 8-9 months. Her previous hiatuses only lasted a few couple of months before publishing a new chapter, but ever since, there hasn't been any official information about what exactly is holding her back to draw a full chapter of the series.
  • Series Hiatus: Due to health problems from the author, the manga has been put on hiatus since 2009. Given that Yazawa has since recovered, besides making some extra features for Cookie with her NANA's characters, she has yet to give a word on whether or not the manga will be continued.


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