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Tear Jerker / NANA

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  • The scene where Nana and Hachiko go to Trapnest's concert in Hachiko's hometown, and Nana sees Ren for the first time in two years. It doesn't help that the song Trapnest performed was the extremely touching "A little pain", either.
  • When Hachiko saw Shouji hugging Sachiko. Hachiko was so shocked that she refused to fight for Shouji, and broke up with him.
  • Another tearjerker scene was when Hachiko broke up with Nobu because she got pregnant and decided that Takumi was the better choice since he would be able to support the child without any trouble. She also thought that she was in love with Takumi.
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  • Ren's death. To make things worse, it happens on Nana's birthday and she and Ren had not spoken in a month after they had a fight, but he was planning to reconcile with her on her birthday. She ends up the last person to be told because she was in Osaka promoting her solo career. Her friends and colleagues who are all devastated by the news try their best to make she does not hear it from anywhere or anyone until Yasu gets to her. Yasu, who up until this point has been the calm emotional rock of the group, breaks down in tears when he goes to Nana's hotel with Misato to tell her. And she was so happy somebody came for her, too.
  • The ending song, "Kuroi Namida" (Black Tears). The lyrics became Harsher in Hindsight with the death of Ren.