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YMMV / Lethal Weapon (2016)

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  • Complete Monster: Gideon Lyon is a cold-blooded CIA agent turned attack dog for cartel leader Tito Flores. Described as Flores's most brutal enforcer, Lyon pursues Flores's mistress Maria and her infant son into Los Angeles, killing an informant in the process. Cornering Martin Riggs, his partner Roger Murtaugh, DEA Agent Palmer, Maria, and her baby in a motel, Lyon attempts to kill them all with a rocket before murdering two responding officers. Upon his arrest, Lyon is revealed to be linked to the death of Riggs's wife Miranda, and when interrogated by Riggs, Lyon boasts that once Flores commissioned the hit, he deliberately waited for Miranda to go into labor before ordering the car crash that killed her, just to hurt Riggs. Escaping, Lyon kidnaps Riggs and Murtaugh, torturing Murtaugh with a defibrillator and bragging that after the crash, he personally suffocated the still-alive Miranda to death. A psychopath who simply enjoys hurting others, Gideon Lyon significantly darkens the tone of this action-comedy series.
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  • Crazy Awesome: Riggs.
  • Narm: In the second episode, an ATF agent gets involved with the case because the bad guy from the opening was using a "next-gen weapon that can fire multiple rounds". That's all he said. What makes this line so stupid is that he basically said the reason the weapon's so dangerous is because it's a machine gun, a weapon that's been around since the 19th-century.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • “A Problem Like Maria’’: Maria’s chilling description of Tito Flores as she recounts how she met him.
    Maria: I came second in a beauty pageant. Afterward Tito came to me and told me that I may have lost the competition, but I had won his heart.
    Riggs: Sounds like a pretty cheesy line. I’d have laughed at him.
    Maria: Yes. But you do that to Tito Flores, and he kills your whole family.
    • "Birdwatching" has Riggs' father show up repeatedly in both dreams and hallucinations. He's walking, talking, and actually seems quite rational. Except that he's got a fucking huge gulf of flesh blasted out of his cheek from where he was shot and killed.
    • And then "Wreck the Halls" reveals that he survived after all — albeit in jail and with a great big scar on his cheek.

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