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The Cartel drug lord, from the Christmas episode, will be the big bad in the season finale
and responsible for the death of Riggs wife. when caught he will invoke diplomatic immunity, which Murtaugh will then revoke.
  • Note his very specific response when Riggs asked if the cartel killed his wife. He said that a Texas cop wasn't worth the effort of such an assassination. He never denied cartel involvement. Because while Riggs might not be important enough, Miranda's district attorney father very well could be.
  • Confirmed. Agent Palmer's research indicates that Miranda was on the cartel's hit list, and her death was no accident. Gideon killed her to show Ronnie what the cartel would do to the rest of his family if he wasn't a "friend".

Lorna Cole will eventually appear on this show.
  • DEA Agent Karen Palmer seems to be taking the Lorna Cole role.

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