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    Pre-release Trailers 
  • Summer Sizzle Reel
    • After Riggs shoots all the hostage takers, the hostages all escape. One of the hostage takers expires and lets go of a bomb trigger, initiating a 30-second timer on an IED. Riggs casually takes a slice of pizza, walks outside the bank, and introduces himself to Murtaugh. Then the bomb explodes, and the shock wave knocks him off his feet.
    • In the trailer, Murtaugh backs a suspect into traffic, and he's run over by a bus. Murtaugh immediately looks at Riggs.
    • A different take used in a later commercial, and the first episode, uses different emphasis: "I didn't kill him."
  • "Friends" Promo: Cut to Dionne Warwick's "That's What Friends are For", the promo features Riggs and Murtaugh in various life-threatening situations as the song's chorus happily sings "Keep smiling/Keep shining/Knowing you can always count on me".

    The Series 
Season 1
  • In the first episode, Roger gets interrupted trying to get busy with Trish twice. First when the LAPD calls, second when Riggs shows up at the door.
  • "Surf N Turf": Murtaugh lights a fireworks warehouse on fire with a gunshot. Who sees them from across Downtown?
  • "Spilt Milk": Riggs calls for backup.
    Captain Avery: Send everyone! Helicopter! SWAT! Everyone!
  • "Ties That Bind": Roger is after Riana's boyfriend.
    Murtaugh: Are you available?
    Riggs: For what?
    Murtaugh: To kill the punk that's dating my daughter.
    Riggs: I'll make time for that.
  • "A Problem Like Maria": Murtaugh relays secret information to Avery by telling him to pretend he's on the phone with his husband. Avery keeps doing it even when he doesn't have to, because he thinks it's funny.
  • "As Good as It Getz": Majority of this episode focused on fan favorite, Leo Getz (played by Thomas Lennon), and is largely comedic.

Season 2

  • "Dancing in September" has the captain, tired of Riggs and Murtaugh's back-and-forth, demands they just tell him about "the building you blew up and the pedestrian you ran over, or the pedestrian you blew up and the building you-".
    • For most of the episode Roger is certain there's lingering sexual tension between him and Deputy Chief Santos... from her "finger-lingering" him for all of two seconds years ago. It seems to be him comically misunderstanding only to be shut down until she very deliberately does the exact same thing to Roger's shock.
  • Just about anything Leo Getz does in "Let It Ride."
    • Of note is how he constantly refers to Bailey and Bowman as the "B Team"...and Bowman likes it.
  • In "Gold Rush," Murtaugh suspects one of his kids has been smoking weed. He demands to know who, saying "it's okay I'm the cool parent." His kids look at him and burst out laughing.
  • Rog is amazed when his wife relates her father hated him when they met...because he was too safe.
  • Leo Getz is in fine form in "Diggin' Up Dirt".
    • He hands out business cards at the funeral for a district attorney.
    • He and Trish go on "stakeout" which ends with Murtaugh and Riggs naturally interfing. Leo shows up at the office in a neck brace, threatening a lawsuit. When Brooks orders him out, Leo shrugs, takes off the brace and mutters "worth a shot."
    • Leo gets the attention of Murtaugh and Trish by throwing pebbles at their bedroom window at 2 in the morning.
    Murtaugh: Why didn't you just ring the doorbell like a normal person?
    Leo: At this hour?
  • While at a park, Roger is rocked when someone believes he's Harper's grandfather. He tries to prove his youth taking her down a slide...and gets stuck inside.
  • Trish is upset about Roger parking a motorcycle. This leads to a wild bit of Roger inspired by The Art of War to establish his dominance and Trish running the bike down.
  • Brooks shows up at the morgue to have Bernard show him Riggs sleeping in a slab. Brooks is surprised as he assumed it was a joke and takes a photo of Riggs "to win a bet with some friends."
  • The guys work with an ATF agent who also takes wild chances. His boss groans over how he goes wild and Brooks says he knows just how it feels. He mentions how he wishes he was hit by a bus "not enough to kill me, just enough to put me in a coma for a few months" and the ATF guy nods in agreement that "to me, it's a train."
  • Leo Getz is getting married. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Rog has to attend wearing a massive golden brooch containing Leo's face and his telephone number.
    • The Running Gag of Roger constantly correcting people that he's not actually Leo's best man. That includes Leo himself.
    • The wedding song list includes "Weird Al" Yankovic.
    • One of the guests is a convict in orange garb led to his chair by an officer. Leo is just happy the guy is sober.
    • Leo tries to charge a mobster who just steps aside so Leo smacks himself into the ring.
    Roger: Think we should get involved?
    Riggs: Nah, see how it plays out. Might end up correcting itself.
  • Finding a pregnancy test in the trash, Roger freaks out about Trish being pregnant again. She says she's not and they laugh with Roger saying "I don't have another Swedish crib building left in me!" But then we get a Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap! bit of them wondering just where that test came from...just as their daughter wanders in, moaning over feeling sick.
    • Roger finds the officers playing a prank with a "rubber tree" plant (a potted plant covered in condoms). Brooks is leading the applause but when Roger reveals it's actually his daughter who's pregnant, Brooks immediately chastises everyone for "this in bad taste joke" and orders them back to work.
    • Roger soon realizes it's not his daughter, it's the wife of his next door neighbor. When Rog suggests this, the man laughs that it's not possible as he had a vasectomy and thus for his wife to be pregnant not long after coming back from a business cruise....Oh, Crap!.

Season 3

  • Roger gives Cole advice on handling his daughter: "She's 12, she's going to hate you until she's 16. Then she's going to ask for money."
  • Leo Getz makes his long-awaited return.
    • He hands his card to Cole. Cole replies by tearing up his card and Leo snaps "now I have your DNA."
    • Asked how he knew a murder took place, Leo replies "I have a police scanner in my apartment and by apartment, I mean car."
    • Leo now hosts his own true-crime podcast and pulls out a ridiculously large recorder for Roger to talk into.
    • Leo plays his over-the-top intro to his podcast with Brooks just nodding along. Roger is more amused by how he's being called a "rogue cop."
    • Leo moans over how he could be facing "the worst nightmare of any lawyer: Defending an innocent client."
  • Cole gets into a fender-bender with a woman, each blaming the other. Later, a video-conference call reveals she's Erica, major federal prosecutor. Cole literally dives under the table to try and hide from her.
  • Cole has a hot one-night stand with a woman at a nice house. After they break a table, it turns out that she's just house-sitting for her friend...who turns out to be Erica.
    • Right on cue, Erica comes in, forcing Cole to flee out the back window. He leaves behind his wallet, causing Erica to blurt You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! when she sees his ID.
    • Erica returns the wallet to Cole at a crime....explaining she took out all the cash as a "down payment for a new table."
  • Leo Getz decides to file a class-action lawsuit against a Fortune 500 CEO. Somehow, he thinks a great opening line is "like Abraham Lincoln, I too have less than a year of formal schooling."
    • Leo is perfectly happy taking a hundred thousand dollar settlement and utterly horrified when Trish rips the check up, thinking they can do much better.
    • Leo and Trish meet an informant with Leo telling her not to draw attention...while wearing a beret and dark glasses.
  • Erica and Cole bicker constantly.
    Murtaugh: I don't have the stomach for this. I'm going to question some dangerous murder suspects.
  • Cole smashes through Erica's living room on a motorcycle to save her from a killer.
    Cole: Remember when you were upset about the table?
  • Leo has to kill time in court. And boy, does he.
    Leo: Until I was twenty-eight years old, I could not read. So I had to look at the great seal of California...(fakes a massive asthma attack)
    • The judge warns them to knock it off or face being disbarred.
    Leo: I cannot lose my license for a third time.
  • The team win the case to get $20 million for the cancer-ridden plantiff. In a TV broadcast, he says he's going to give it all to the American Cancer Fund and his lawyers have agreed to turn over their payment as well. Cue Leo screaming in the background.
  • Cole starts talking to someone he assumes is among the crew of call girls who have been brought into the station. It takes Erica entering for Cole to realize this is Erica's Senator mother.
    Erica's mother: I'm going to go get coffee and rethink my wardrobe.
  • Roger suffers a bad back not 30 seconds into vacation. This allows him to witness a kidnapping to kick off a wild adventure.
    • Roger tries to fight a killer who slams him against the wall...which fixes Roger's back so he's able to fight the guy.
    • The revelation that Roger and his family were kicked out of their hotel not because of Roger stopping an assassination attempt on a Senator...but because Trish got drunk and ruined the carpet of the hotel bar.
    • The family relax at Cole's motel pool. Junior decides to reveal he's going to open a weed shop and Roger leaps out of his chair...and throws his back out again.
    • Cole's reaction to Roger's scream of agony? Close the curtains to his room to go right back to kissing Erica.
    • The episode ends by revealing the reason a Secret Service agent was ignoring Cole and Murtaugh was that they had been bad-mouthing him in interrogation when they thought the camera was off.
  • A flashback to a case by Roger and Brooks shot like a 1980s TV show in full fashion and hairdos and Roger a super-cop leaping over cars and using a badge to take out a guy. It turns out to be Roger telling a story to the Academy cadets and claiming "this was ten years ago."
  • Roger is terrified the woman doing background checks on Trish and the family will uncover the dark secret that back in the '80s, during a bust, he stole a batch of illegal...cheese.


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