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  • Anticlimax Boss: After three games building up Lord Vlaew as this unstoppable, immensely powerful demon lord, you finally throw down with the bastard in Exmortis 3... and his main method of attack is throwing little rocks at you. A little underwhelming, no?
    • Also, 'throw down' is far more literal than you're probably hoping. You literally just throw him around few times.
  • Base Breaker: The third game. Do you want to know the reason why there are rarely any let's plays of that game? You had to pay $20 for it.
  • Complete Monster: Lord Vlaew is a cruel, power-hungry demon lord whose existence predates man and beast. Usurping his brother Azrael and sealing him away in a hellish prison to be tortured for eternity, Vlaew ruled with an iron fist over the lesser entities before being overthrown himself, and ultimately claiming his title of leader of a legion of banished entities he called the Exmortis. Billions of years later, he has Xavier Rehayem's daughter possessed when he translates the rite required to open the gates to the Crimson Realm, leading her father to kill her. When a hunter stumbles across Rehayem's house a century later, he torments him to madness until he submits and becomes the Hand of Repose, ordering the murder of five Soul Bearers to grant the Exmortis passage to Earth, brutally slaughtering most of the human race in the process. Once his legion becomes disposable to him, he manipulates Mr. Hannay—killing him when the job is done—into slaying the Hand of Repose so that he can claim dominion over the Earth Realm himself as a playground of suffering.
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  • Iron Woobie: Mr. Hannay. His wife and daughter were slain by the Exmortis, but that doesn't deter him from banishing them back to the spirit realm. Or rising from limbo to kill the ancient demon responsible for their deaths in the first place.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • The author of the diary in the first game, who is also the protagonist. He's held hostage and Driven to Madness in a haunted house over the course of a year until he accepted his destiny as the Hand of Repose and killed five campers. The parchment in the second game — coupled with his constant screams of agony when Hannay meets him — seems to suggest that he's not acting of his own free will, but is aware enough of what he's doing.
    • Mr. Lochear from 2 is also one. Before the invasion of the Exmortis, he was already somewhat irritable and frequently lost his temper, but was otherwise a loving family man. Then he underwent a Despair Event Horizon and killed his entire family to spare them the gruesome fate the Exmortis would bring them.
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    • The scavenger in III. Yeah, he's a cannibalistic sadist completely devoid of a conscience, but one can only wonder what he would be like had he not lost his family to the Exmortis.
  • Fridge Logic: Vlaew struggles for power, and yet his goal is to wipe out humans and, later, the Exmortis. What will be left for him to rule over after they are gone? It's implied that he only keeps the humans alive as a form of entertainment.
    • Also, if only the powers of an Ancient can kill another Ancient, then how did Azrael die when Hannay threw him into the pit of lava?
  • Nightmare Retardant: The (common) jump scares may cause one more laughter than fear.
  • Sequelitis: The first two games are rather well-received, but the third does away with much of what made them so well-liked in the first place, including much of the creepiness.
  • Tear Jerker: Just imagine the lives that had been lost and ruined because of the Exmortis. Especially when you read the diaries and journals of survivors and how they recount having lost their loved ones or how they were forced to take the lives of their loved ones before killing themselves rather than be shredded to pieces by the Exmortis.

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