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YMMV / Exit Wounds

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Comic relief characters T.K. Anderson and David Wayne are generally considered as doing their jobs well.
  • Funny Moments: DMX and TK go to a car dealership to openly flaunt their wealth as part of DMX's plan to ensnare the drug dealers he's plotting against. While there, they pretty much embarrass the one (possibly self-hating) Black car salesman in the store, a snobbish Jerkass, forcing the poor guy to drop some F-bombs in public... and then toss a suitcase of money to the nearby White salesman; who was more collected while silently watching the whole thing play out and tossing over the keys of the car DMX was in upon request, being the primary reason why the sale was successful.
  • He's Just Hiding: Some see Mulcahy's death as potentially survivable, and point out that the only person to outright say that she was dead afterwards was someone with a good motive to lie to and manipulate Boyd.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Mulcahy, who gets dealt with anti-climatically despite an interesting balanced Da Chief performance and some good Ship Tease with Boyd.