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  • Adaptation Displacement: When hearing the name "Bob Morane", more people are probably going to think of the Indochine song L'Aventurier than of the work it pays homage to.
  • Complete Monster (Animated Series):
    • Doctor Joseph-Athanase Xhatan weaponized sunlight and seeks world domination by mass murder. In "Operation Wolf", Xhatan steals a device from a benevolent professor and attempts to use it to turn water into radioactive material. Returning in "The Mysterious Dr. Xhatan", he enslaves tribesman and make them unable to breathe outside the atmosphere of his lair. After abducting heiress Jane Sotesby for a ransom, he reveals that he engineered the death of her parents and that he plans to use a diamond to power his laser light cannon enough to destroy all capitals of the world. In "Xhatan, Master of Light", Xhatan throws Bob and Bill in a Drowning Pit, locks Sophia in a machine which slowly drains her life; and creates an artificial sun to blow up the planet, all in order to fulfill a prophecy that will grant him godhood.
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    • Prince Zelgung, from "The Towers of Crystal", angered over losing the throne of Mu to his sister Taima, proceeds to destroy his own civilization by launching a nuke on the city, causing the population to die from the blast or painfully succumb from the radiation. Despite himself and his loyalists getting caught by those radiations, Zelgung displays no remorse and repeatedly attempts to slaughter the survivors lead by Taima. When they leave the continent on a time traveling ship, he tries to launch a missile at it.
    • Emperor Hang and his chancellor Golo, from "The Angels of Ananke", are tyrannical leaders of the city of angels, with any man who trespasses on their territory ending up enslaved. When Bob defeats the champion Korto in combat, Hang forces the hero to train his army, threatening his friends Bill and Sophia if he refuses. Golo at one point threatens a group of slaves who tries to take a break, while Hang tries to have Korto executed for his failure and gets rid of a servant for spilling wine. It's finally revealed that Hang and Golo regularly abduct humans and angels and hook them in pods that drain their mental energy to power the anti-gravity field. When Bob and Korto discover their scheme, they put the latter in the battery and attempt to have the former publicly executed.

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