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     For the entire line 

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In-Universe The characters change based on the interpretation of each title protagonist:
    • Archie: In his own comic, he is a nice, though klutzy, guy who is in a committed relationship with Veronica. In the Jughead comic, though he is still nice and klutzy, he is a bit of a Hormone-Addled Teenager who is basically in an all-take-and-no-give with Veronica, and is constantly chasing after her.
    • Jughead: In the Archie comic, he is a well-meaning, but lazy best friend who constantly messes with Archie's relationships and has no character development outside of this. In his own comic, he is a heroic daydreamer who is dealing with his own issues of a corrupt principal and seems very uninterested in Archie's love life outside of his dislike for Veronica.
    • Betty: In the Archie comic, she is a tomboy, Wrench Wench, and sweet (All the things Archie likes about her). In Jughead's POV, as he is not attracted to her, she can be bossy and dismissive, though still nice, and her tomboy traits are replaced with a protester attitude. Reggie's solo accuses her of wrongly blaming Reggie for an incident where Archie almost drowned and suggests that she held a grudge since, recasting her attitude towards Mantle as at least somewhat rooted in her own unwarranted prejudice.
    • Reggie: While he is a Jerkass in both Archie and Jughead's, how much of one differs on the comic. In Archie's, he is a villainous, manipulative force on par with Mr. Lodge with few redeeming qualities. In Jughead's, he is closer to his original incarnation, being something of a obnoxious bully but still helping the gang out time to time. His own book, while portraying him as an unrepentant jerk, gives him a ton of Freudian Excuses and some genuine Pet the Dog moments (literally, as he's very kind to his dog Vader).
      • Speaking of Reggie's parents, how they come off also varies. In the core comic, Reggie's father is shown as disappointed in his son but still retroactively confides in him his findings on a conspiracy that impacts Riverdale while his mother is shown weeping at her son's arrest with both visibly shocked/hurt at their son publicly hoping his father wouldn't exploit the hostage situation at his school. In Reggie's solo (which admittedly is from the perspective of his loyal dog Vader) his parents are both shown as neglectful (with his father only approaching him when he needs something from him). One could try to reconcile these visions as both rooted in the truth of the family's dynamic (that is, Reggie's parents might have started "neglecting" him when his Jerkass behavior manifested and never improved, with his father being disappointed since then but still knowing his son does have his uses).
    • Veronica: By far the biggest example and obviously tinged with Unreliable Narrator due to Archie and Jughead's respective attraction and dislike. In Archie, she is a sympathetic girl trying, in her own way, to adopt to a new environment; she even throws a party for everyone at the school to attend. She is also nice, at least to Archie, and her haughtiness is played for comedy. She also seems to be genuinely in love with Archie and is often concerned about him. In Jughead, she is as much a Jerkass as Reggie (and maybe more since he at least helped the group at one point). In every appearance she is arrogantly dismissive of, well, everyone, including Archie, who she shows only a shallow attraction to at best. Her role in Betty and Veronica seems to be a bit of both, she is legitimately friends with Betty, but seems to go out of her way to antagonize her as well.
    • Done intentionally with Betty's Uncle, Mr. Collier. Students, both past and present, are split down the middle over whether he's a Stern Teacher or a Sadist Teacher. The big problem here is he is running for Mayor and his blowing his top over another Archie accident gets used in a smear campaign, invoking this reaction out of voters.
    • By Fans: There's some debate if Jughead is also aromantic due to his daydream moments prior to his date with Sabrina. On one hand, it was of a giant anthro burger, on the other, he seemed genuinely happy when imagining being romantic with someone. This isn't helped by the fact that Jughead himself is very confused by those feelings, as he seems to believe that he shouldn't even be capable of such feelings due to being asexual. note  There are some fans that hope this'll lead to a story arc for him.
    • The comics are kind of ambiguous whether or not Jughead's adventures as a time police officer were real or just dreamed up. A lot of fans seem to believe they're real, but this is debated a little bit amongst the fandom.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: When news of the reboot was announced, the fandom reacted with stunned amazement to how hot Jughead looks in the new series. He had fanart before his own title was released.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Some readers have declared Betty & Veronica this, due to the fact that it feels like it's set in the old continuity but also due to fact that Veronica feels drastically out of character when compared to how she acts in the main series. It also doesn't help that in the main story Betty and Veronica had not had much interaction before Betty and Veronica released which then had the two as being close but often antagonistic.
  • Genius Bonus: To understand the meaning behind Kweekwegs Koffee's name in Betty & Veronica, one must first know that: A) Starbucks was named after a character from Moby-Dick, and B) Queequeg was another character from that novel.
  • Ho Yay: Jughead and Archie have a decent amount if you look at all the titles as a whole.
    • A good example is issue 8 of the main series, where the central conflict is Veronica's dad using his status to try and send the Andrews to another country. Archie gets depressed over the fact that he's going to be separated from Veronica... and Jughead realizes that he'll likely be separated from Archie, and proceeds to mope in the exact same way. Then there's both of their reactions to the conflict being resolved at the end.
      Archie: [COOKING] On the other, my dad rocks and my friend has regained the will to live.
      Archie: [PATTING JUGHEAD ON THE HEAD] Sorry, I meant my best friend.
    • Another good example for Jughead and Archie is the first issue of Betty & Veronica. It really plays up their bromance with the dialogue.
      Jughead: What about us? note 
      Archie: We're not dating Juggie: I keep telling you that.
      • From the same issue...
      Archie: [AFTER FINDING OUT POP'S IS GETTING SHUT DOWN] I'm glad you're with me, Jughead Jones, here at the end of all things...
      • Archie has several pet names for Jughead within just the first two issues of B&V.
    • There's also a bit between Kevin and Jughead. Early on in the Jughead-solo we get to witness Jughead bribing Kevin into buying him food... by complimenting Kevin on his good looks. Kevin then insists that Jughead keep complimenting him.
    • Jughead in general tends to have these kinds of interactions. His "friendship montage" with Reggie in his solo-series looks a lot like a date to be honest.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Thanks in no small part to the openly-gay Kevin, and (especially) the openly asexual Jughead. There is of course the Betty/Veronica shippers from the other parts of the Archie fandom who migrated over with the rest of the flock.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Many people aren't convinced that they'd actually kill Betty. While they didn't kill her, her legs were paralyzed. And even that wasn't the case for long; by the end of Waid's run Betty could walk with assistance.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Principal Stranger planting a knife on Jughead to try and get him expelled.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Hughes' Betty and Veronica, which doesn't really do much new with the characters and seems to exist in the previous continuity.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Archie veers into this for some readers due to his tendency of Open Mouth, Insert Foot. This trait, as well as his hypocritical view on women,note  are big reasons as to why the Lipstick Incident happened in the first place. The fact that he doesn't learn his lesson and later insults Betty for "changing" while defending Veronica certainly doesn't help. Then there's how he acts in the Jughead-solo, overall being dismissive of the person who's supposed to be his best friend and even insulting Jughead for being asexual at one point. Granted he wasn't in the best emotional state at the time, and he immediately regretted what he'd said, but still, that's a low blow. Quite honestly some readers find it difficult to feel any pity towards him no matter what awful situation he's in due to the above.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit!: Downplayed; These comics usually avert this, and often thrive in being their own thing. However one point of contention among readers tends to be over the attempts at "hip lingo" and the ever present "meme talk." For example we have characters saying things like "I is smart," "You crazy," and coming up with ship names in-universe for their fellow characters. For some people it's fine and easy to ignore, for others however it's annoying, jarring, and needlessly pandering. This type of dialogue is in relatively small doses and how well you deal with it is purely dependent on whether or not you find characters occasionally talking like anonymous internet commentators tolerable.
    • Relating to the above is the use of hashtags in-universe (usually delivered via Archie's narrations or Author Notes.) Either this is good way to promote both the comics as well as push for a social fan community or it is narm-y and, again, needlessly pandering.
  • The Woobie: Jughead as a kid, whose dad lost all their money on a bad investment and lead to Jug getting teased constantly. Ditto for his solo where he's suspended due to being framed for carrying a weapon and loses Pops to the new principal.
    • Even after Defeating Stranger and saving Pops, he has his best friend lie to him, then throw his asexuality in his face. While the two make up it's still a rough moment.
    • Veronica after Mr. Lodge moves them out of Riverdale and throw her in boarding school. She can't communicate with her old friends due to her dad blocking anything going in or out of Riverdale from reaching her or vice versa, she's befriended by Cheryl Blossom who only uses her to seriously hurt someone else. Even when she gets back at Cheryl, she's now unsure she WANTS to be an Alpha Bitch anymore and feels uneasy in the role at best.
    • Betty, who loses her longtime boyfriend due to him not liking her trying makeup and dressing up feminine, having severe confidence issues stemming from being a tomboy, and losing her new boyfriend over Archie and being absolutely devastated over it. While his breaking up with her is understandable, her pain is still tough to watch.
    • Reggie, of all people, in his solo series with shades of it in the main series. While he's a textbook Jerkass Woobie, his father only pays attention to him when he has something the man wants, his mother ignores him entirely, the girl he loves and one of the few people that cares about him (and consequently, one of the few people he treats nicely on a consistent basis) is already taken. His only friend is his loyal dog Vader, with most people either entirely unable to stand him or only hanging out with him as long as something better's not going on.

     For the solo series 
  • The Scrappy: Sheila Wu and Maria Rodriquez became this for a lot of people after issue 4 of the main series. They seem like fine friends for Betty but it's revealed in 4 that they only hang out with Betty because Archie caught them insulting her behind her back. They didn't want Archie, a popular boy, to be mad at them so they force Betty to hang out with them that first time. When they're at her house they not only insult her hobbies but also her nickname and personal tastes. They even try to change her name to "Lizzie." They then force her into a make-over she clearly didn't want (at first.) While they weren't the exact cause for Betty and Archie breaking up they certainly accelerated their eventual breaking point ten fold more or less simply because they're both extremely shallow. While they continue to be Betty's friends they get so little page time that it's unlikely that they'll ever be redeemed in the eyes of most readers. However, it should be noted that Sheila tends to get this less than Maria due to the fact that we actually see her pursue her goals; Whereas Maria is just kind of there whenever Sheila is.

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