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Western Animation / Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts

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Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts is a 22-minute animated special and the fourth installment in the Marvel Rising franchise. The special debuted January 16, 2019 on the Marvel HQ Youtube channel and serves as a sequel to the Initiation shorts.

Following the events of Initiation and Secret Warriors, Ghost-Spider still seeks to clear her name and avenge her friend's death. As she gets closer to finding Sheath, who committed the deed, she finds herself crossing paths with the Secret Warriors, who are also after the Inhuman criminal. In order to bring her to justice, Gwen must reluctantly join forces with the team, while Daisy Johnson tries to convince her to be a permanent member.

It can be viewed here on the Marvel HQ Youtube.

It is followed by Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron.

Contains examples of:

  • Air-Vent Passageway: Ghost-Spider sneaks into the Secret Warriors' base to use their computer. When they come back while she's still there, she hides from them in an air duct.
  • Character Focus: While the story also involves the Secret Warriors trying to tie up a loose end from the previous special, the focus of the plot returns to Ghost Spider's vengeance storyline from Initiation.
  • How Did You Know? I Didn't: The team has continuously failed to perform a group attack called the Million-Fisted Hurricane, but Patriot manages to convince the others to do it anyway when fighting Exile, and they succeed. Patriot later admits back at headquarters that he had no idea that they could successfully pull it off when Squirrel Girl asks, thinking that the worst case scenario would at least have Exile at the bottom of a pile of bruised superheroes.
  • Insert Song:
    • Born Ready, previously used in Secret Warriors, is played when Ghost Spider is chasing down Sheath during the cold open.
    • Side by Side is used during the training and fight sequences.
  • I Work Alone: Ghost-Spider's attitude towards working with the Secret Warriors, initially working to steal their intel on Sheath's location rather than work together with them. Even after reluctantly deciding to work together with the group, she's still hesitant about becoming a proper member.
  • Open Secret: Doreen's father is happily aware that his daughter is the crime-fighting Squirrel Girl, much to Patriot's shock and horror. When asked why she doesn't lie about superhero activities to her parents like he and everyone else, she outright says that she doesn't see the point. Plus, it makes it easier to get homemade snacks sent to their secret base.
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: The doughnut shop owner claims to have the best vegan donuts on the Upper-Middle-Lower East Side.
  • Plot Threads: The main plot is about Ghost-Spider's pursuit of Sheath, with a B plot about Patriot learning to loosen up.
  • Rocky Roll Call: A variant with the characters saying "You!" instead of each other's names, when Ghost-Spider, Exile, and the Secret Warriors all run into each other.
    Ghost-Spider: Huh? [to Ms. Marvel] You?
    Ms. Marvel & Inferno: [to Ghost-Spider] You!
    Exile: [to Ms. Marvel] You.
    Ms Marvel: [to Exile] You!
    Patriot: [to Ghost-Spider] You?
    Ghost-Spider: [to Patriot] You?
    Squirrel Girl: [to Ghost-Spider] Hey, you! [waves]
  • Villain Team-Up: Sheath and Exile try and team up to fight off the Warriors.
  • "You!" Squared: When Ghost-Spider meets the Secret Warriors, a chorus of surprised "You!"s goes around, with Squirrel Girl adding a friendly "Hey, you!" and waving.