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Funny / Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts

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  • Ghost-Spider is distracted by her phone while chasing Sheath and ends up crashing into a cellar of donuts. She hauls herself out of the cellar, covered in jelly, and just hangs there like that for a second.
  • Ghost-Spider's reaction to Exile's name.
    Ghost-Spider: "Exile"? Teh, really?
  • Ghost-Spider tracks Sheath to a warehouse, which turns out to be a trap by Exile. Suddenly, Lockjaw warps the Secret Warriors in:
    Gwen: Huh? [pointing at Ms. Marvel] You?
    Ms. Marvel/Inferno: [pointing at Gwen] You!
    Exile: [to Ms. Marvel] You.
    Ms Marvel: [notices Exile] You!
    Patriot: [notices Gwen] You?
    Gwen: [turns to Patriot] You?
    Squirrel Girl: [waves at Gwen cheerfully] Hey, you!
  • The Captain America training video.
    Captain America: There are five steps to the perfect volley kick. [does a spinning jump kick in one quick, fluid motion] It's just that easy.
  • Squirrel Girl invites Patriot to learn "the wisdom of Squirrel-fu".
    Patriot: Fine. But don't call it that. Ever.
  • Patriot trying to skateboard and immediately wiping out.
  • The casual vibe Doreen's father gives off when he says he knows about The Secret Warriors is nothing short of hilarious.
  • Quake walking in on a failed attempt at the Million-Fisted Hurricane, with the team in a pile on the floor, tangled in Ms. Marvel's limbs, while Patriot and Inferno simply look done with it all.
    Quake: ...What are you doing?
    Patriot: [deadpan] The Million-Fisted Hurricane.
    Ms. Marvel: I can'tů feel my legs.
  • How the Secret Warriors find Ghost-Spider in their lair. Patriot realizes she's hiding in the air duct and nods upward to alert Squirrel Girl, who starts to ask him what's wrong with his neck before realizing what he's doing. Then she sends Tippy-Toe into the vent, and a lot of yelling and banging around is heard before Ghost-Spider tumbles out of the vent with Tippy-Toe on top.
    Ghost-Spider: I hate you, squirrel!
    • This marks the second time Ghost-Spider has lost to Tippy-Toe.
  • When Quake asks Ghost-Spider why she's in their lair.
    Ghost-Spider: I needed your program. But I saw all of your drama through the vents. That's the thing I don't need.
  • Ghost-Spider's reaction when Quake explains to her that coming with the Secret Warriors to go after Exile is her best bet for finding Sheath.
    Ghost-Spider: [finger guns] Looks like we're teamies!
    Patriot: Yeah, not even close.