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The Private Files of the Fowl is a web and print comic by Dan Schkade, available online at .

"Parris City is a collage of shadow, steel, and electric light, rumbling El tracks and steaming chimneys, humming wires and towers that glow and glint like flint in what little moonlight gets past the clouds. It is bitter cold and white hot and endlessly alive with culture and art and crime. Winding streets stacked with dive bars and dance clubs, pawnshops and fine restaurants, department stores and whorehouses… It’s a stage, miles wide and miles deep, where its eight hundred thousand players enact a hundred million stores of sin and salvation (for you cannot have the latter without the former), or else just of blood. Saints, sinners, and simple schmoes, trying to get ahead.


Haunting this Jerusalem of vice, the Fowl! Masked, cloaked, and packing heat, this sneering mockingbird hacks away at the city's criminal elite, as well as its more literal monsters. Wanted by cops and crooks alike, he is secretly aided in his crimefighting pursuits by Det. Lt. Madeline Cross, a deductive genius and the black sheep of the PCPD, who shares his snarky humor (and his goals). Behind the kevlar and leather, the Fowl is one Stephen Demoge — former spy, current businessman, closet schizophrenic — a secret known only to his live-in therapist, Dr. Polly Poole, who keeps him medicated enough to keep from getting himself killed.

Though the Fowl has no problem sending his enemies down the river Styx, some of them just won't stay dead, such as the wicked voodoo priest Doctor Erasmus Fell, or the scheming ninja killer known as the Tengu."


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