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Torika Showron

From the art desk of Clowprincess 223 (, this doujinshi series was the first this author / artist completed in full and this artist's first doujinshi series. It seems like a stock mahou shoujo / Cardcaptor continuation fare, but it shows its differences after a while. The character interactions are very distinct, as the series is a strange amalgam of the dub, the anime, and the original manga. If you're familiar with Cardcaptor Sakura, you'll recognize a lot of reused plot lines, but with different resolutions and characters filling them, so it feels like watching the series unfold all over again.

The series has three arcs:

  • The Star Cards: Torika becomes a cardcaptor and chases around her mother's former Star Cards. Progressively, we meet Torika's friends and learn that Sakura is in a coma (similar to how Sakura didn't have her own mother around while growing up... but not really).
  • The Heart Cards: In order to bring Sakura out of her coma, Torika must transform the Star Cards she has captured into Heart Cards.
  • The Emperor of Nightmares: An evil force is stalking Torika's dreams, as well as the dreams of Torika's friends. On the bright side, Sakura woke up.
  • Stories From the Sakura Book: A bonus prequel that manages to unify the endings of the anime and the manga into a single continuity, before the events of the main series occur.

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Featured Tropes:

  • All Just a Dream: The fight scenes in the Emperor of Nightmares arc largely fall under this category.