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StoryBots is an animated series created by JibJab made for young children. Starring tiny robots in little music videos (often with songs by Parry Gripp, though standards often appear as well, along with other artists), the series uses various art styles, along with Jib Jab’s classic face-cutout style to put children in the music videos.

In 2016, the series gained two Netflix-original series, Ask the StoryBots (a series where five of the main StoryBots travel into the real world to solve a kid’s question) and StoryBots Super Songs (a collection of the previous songs based around a specific theme for the episode).

In May 2019, the brand was officially acquired by Netflix.

In November 2022, the series got another spin-off, StoryBots Answer Time.

StoryBots provides examples of:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: The alphabet songs, natch, though "Extraordinary X" provides a subversion, due to the fact that X is almost never used at the start of a word.
  • Art Shift: Each song topic is animated by a different animator, leading to various styles of art. The alphabet songs in particular have a variety of animators per letter.
  • Brick Joke: At the start of "Very V", a Viking gets vacuumed up by a Vicious Vac. Said vacuum returns at the end of the song to vacuum up everyone, including the background.
  • Car Song: The song “Cars, Cars, Cars” is about the various types of cars on the road.
  • Catchphrase: "I'm so hot" for the sun in the space songs.
  • Disembodied Eyebrows: All StoryBots are made with eyebrows that detach and float over their half-circular heads.
  • Eating Machine: The StoryBots are easily able to consume human food, to the point they were the subject of a song on the digestion system in the “Body Parts” song arc.
  • Educational Song: The whole point of the series is to have catchy songs about educational topics.
  • Cute Machines: Their simple style makes the StoryBots very adorable.
  • Parodies for Dummies: "Tyrannosaurus Rex" has the T-Rex briefly reading "Arms for DumDums" when mentioning that he doesn't know the purpose of his tiny arms.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Throughout the songs, the StoryBots are seen doing the same tasks that humans would be doing, for the sake of explaining the topic at hand.
  • Robo Speak: The only two to actually have it is the voices for the two backup singer StoryBots in the songs, though these voices flip between various ones.
  • Robot Antennae: A few stylizations give small ones on the top of some of the StoryBots.
  • Thanking the Viewer: Most StoryBots related content thanks, among others, "Anyone who's ever shared a JibJab video with a friend, We love you."
  • Take That!: "Seven Days" takes a jab at The Beatles:
    But you better get it straight
    There's seven days a week, not eight
    The Beatles' song is wrong
    For the record, let me state...
  • Tin-Can Robot: All of the StoryBots are cylinders with tops that jump up and down to speak.
  • Train Song: Both the classic “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” and a new song titled “Riding on a Train” appear as songs. The latter song explains the various types of train cars and people that work on a train.


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