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Final Fighting Fantasy is a Massive Multiplayer Cross Over series of the first seven Final Fantasy games, made in Flash using sprites from the games themselves, among other methods. It follows the conquering heroes of each of these games as they suddenly seem to find themselves thrown together in some merged world thing (it's not fully explained), and start fighting each other instead. This is revealed to be related to a plot by the "Ancients" and the balance between light and dark, which after all the heroes' victories is now tilting too strongly towards light.


The series was most notable for being an absolute bloodbath, its surprising seriousness at times, and the fact that it still hasn't been finished. The creator, SplashKhat, promised the next (and final, possibly two-part) chapter was in-development some time ago, yet there has been no word since. That there was a considerable length of time between chapters 12 and 13 might give hope that the wait for 14 is nothing unusual, except for the fact that the gap between 12 and 13 was just under two years, whereas the wait for 14 has been close on eight years now. So it seems like this is another notable Final Fantasy fan-work that seems to have ended abruptly forever. Or not quite yet...

The entire series was originally posted on Newgrounds and is available for viewing there. No relation to Fighting Fantasy.


This series contains examples of:

  • Animation Bump - "Epic", and to a lesser extent, "Twilight" and "Shodown".
  • Anyone Can Die - Anyone and everyone it seems.
  • Back from the Dead - Shadow. Interestingly enough, only Shadow. None of the other numerous dead characters get a second chance, even though apparently phoenix downs now can raise people from Plotline Death.
    • This actually more interesting than it seems. The author actually held a open poll on his site where people could vote for who they wanted to resurrect. And Shadow only very narrowly beat Cecil.
  • Breather Episode - "Forces"—a refreshingly humorous episode starring Edgar and Sabin—is placed right between "Twilight" and "Hiryuu".
  • Cerebus Syndrome - From "Gaiden" onward (and especially after "Epic"), the series gets more and more serious, interrupted only by "Forces".
  • Death Is Dramatic - Played straight with Shadow, Red XIII, Edge, and the airship crew, but mostly averted. Most of the characters die in darkly humorous ways with energetic battle music in the back and little comment on their deaths afterwards.
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  • Deconstruction Crossover
  • Downer Ending: As the possibility of the series actually getting a conclusion becomes less and less likely, it seems the ending we will be left with is the depressing image of Lionheart walking away from the dead body of Edge, leaving only two heroes left to oppose Kain's ever-growing forces.
  • Drunk on the Dark Side - Kuro.
  • Evil Costume Switch - Celes in "Shodown". Lampshaded by her: "White just doesn't suit me anymore".
  • Face–Heel Turn - Kain (though it's made obvious from the second chapter onward), Celes, Lionheart, and Kuro.
  • Failure Hero: Any time any of the heroes try to stop Kain and his allies, they will always end up losing, and more than likely die.
  • Grotesque Cute - The cute summoned Chocobo who proceeds to eat Klarth's head. Did we mention this series was gory?
  • Homage - As if the tributes to the Final Fantasy games weren't enough, "Gaiden" is also an Homage to Ninja Gaiden.
  • Kill ’Em All - Out of the thirty-nine Final Fantasy heroes who make up the series' cast, only eight are still alive.
    • Well, nine depending on your interpretation of Gau's scene.
    • And it's worth noting that a couple of MAJOR heroes have still not shown up at all.
  • Left Hanging - As stated above, there has been no word on the series' epic conclusion for some time now, so it seems pretty hopeless.
    • It's not the first time Final Fantasy geeks have gotten this treatment, though—anyone else remember "FFVII: The Cheesy American Soap Opera Version"?
    • No promises, but Word Of God (see the discussion page) says that the creator still has interest in seeing the FFF finished, but don't expect anything soon.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters - And most of them are killed the same chapter they are introduced.
  • Love Triangle - Locke/Celes/Kain
  • No-Dialogue Episode - "Airwings"
  • Plot Hole - A number of them, most of which are probably just due to the series being unfinished.
  • Rage Against the Mentor - Locke and Shadow in "Duo".
  • Squishy Wizard - The same characters who were Squishy Wizards in the original games, but it's worth noting that Kuro certainly doesn't turn out very squishy...
  • Villain Protagonist - Arguable given the series' ensemble cast nature, but Kain certainly qualifies.
  • Wham Episode - Both "Gaiden" and "Epic" fit the bill, the first due to its (relatively) enhanced storytelling style, and the second due to the Animation Bump and revelation of just what the hell is going on in this world.


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