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"Previously On… this storyline of Mr Fudge Monkeyz's Annoying Villagers..."

Annoying Villagers is a currently ongoing Web Animation Series based on the popular video game Minecraft. It was first created by MrFudgeMonkeyz on January 29, 2013. Although it started entirely as a comedy series, it would begin to add fantasy elements as time went by.

As the name of this series implies, this story initially began with a village filled with somewhat irritating NPC villagers. As the series progresses however, Serial Escalation begins to kick in starting with the introduction of Herobrine and the fact that many entities across the world were becoming sentient.


If you wish to watch it, start here.

Tropes that can be found in Annoying Villagers include:

  • Art Evolution: As the series continues, the quality of the animations began to improve. Lighting, sound effects, and particle effects would all be more defined as each episode was uploaded.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: Episode 4 starred Boop, Green, and a white-robed villager as main characters. Green somehow found a way into the villager kingdom capital, while the unnamed villager tried to find him. However, this villager got captured by the player Resistance, leaving Boop to accompany Mr Fudge Monkeyz.
  • Equippable Ally: In more recent episodes, it is revealed that some items were developing a will to be used to their maximum potential. These items also have the ability to choose who wields them and may or may not have Elemental Powers.
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  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: It's a show about annoying villagers. Nowadays however, it is somewhat more than that.
  • Forever War: The Great Minecraft War first started with villagers turning against players and forming their own kingdom. Eventually, the players and other entities would form their own tribes to counter the villagers and each other. As pointed out throughout the series, because of the changes being made to the world, nobody seemed to have an advantage over each other.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Later versions of Herobrine can do this with obsidian.
  • It Can Think: Near the beginning of the series, villagers were only capable of speaking, punching other entities, and dancing. Soon these villagers, as well as other mobs, became capable of using items in an inventory, planning coordinated attacks on players and each other, and forming their own factions. More recent events show that the development of a mind applied not only to most entities, but to some items as well.
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  • Kudzu Plot: This happened after the main villager characters and Steve got separated, with each following their own plot thread.
  • Master Race: The original cause of the war in Minecraft was that villagers became sentient enough to rebel against the players. The players who form the Resistance and the villager kingdom are still at war because they believe they are superior to the other side.
  • No Name Given: The white-robed villager who was Boop and Green's friend was never given a name.
  • Non-Player Character: The villagers, whether they can think or not, are unable to respawn or use the chat mechanic the way players can.
  • Previously On…: Each episode almost always starts with this.
  • Serial Escalation: The beginning of the series involved an ordinary village of annoying NPCs. How they started to act annoying would be concluded with pretty much the entire world coming to life.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Most of the antagonistic factions barring Herobrine follow the trend of stopping the war in a way that only favors their side. For example:
    • The villager kingdom consists of many villagers who feel wronged by the players. Although they are powerful enough to have other entities join their cause, their biased ideals has kept them from changing the system that they followed.
    • The Resistance, led by Grave, has the goal of defeating the villagers to reclaim dominance over the Minecraft world.
    • The United Mob Association, led by a Drowned mob called the Blue Demon, is a group of mobs that plans to stop the destruction being caused by the war. As the Blue Demon explained to Steve after defeating him, his ultimate motive was to eliminate the Creators and rebuild the world into one of complete peace. Of course, Steve was already working with the Creators, so he is still planning to strike back eventually.
  • Wham Episode: The ninth episode, which revealed that the villager kingdom is actually canon to the plot. The narrator decides not to question this since "a ton of weird stuff already happened."

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