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The mother from Exploits of a Mom is the Black Hat Guy's soulmate
Not much to say here, except that that kind of trick seems like what those two'd get up to in their less sadistic moments. Obviously, a time machine is required- possibly with an accidental stop in the Jurassic era, just for Randall to work off some of his velociraptor issues using the BHG as an Author Avatar.
  • She looks more like hacker extrordinaire Mrs. Roberts, who is stated that she has a son named Bobby.
    • To be more exact...

"Cueball" is Little Bobby Tables
His friends call him "Rob" in at least two strips.

Mrs. Roberts was the mother in Exploits Of A Mom because...
  • Her son is called Bobby (as in, "Little Bobby Tables").
  • Her daughter goes by her middle name (since "Help I'm trapped in a driver's license factory" just doesn't roll off the tongue).
  • Bobby never really did well with computers (because the school's computer people had ample reason to resent him from the start).
  • Mrs. Roberts/The Mom, however, is clearly snarky and computer-literate in both comics. The real question now is, could Elaine be Blackhat's soulmate?
    • So we have to accept that her son's name is, simply, Robert Roberts.
    • Robert Drop Tables Roberts.
      • Robert '); DROP TABLE Students;-- Roberts.

XKCD means...
  • ... X=24, K=11, C=3, D=4, 24+11+3+4=42
    • Lots of exploring through the Other Wiki resulted in some weird translating letters into Hebrew equivalent: x -> א (aleph) -> 1; k -> כּ (kaf) -> 20; c -> ג (gimel) -> 3; d -> ד (dalet) -> 4; 1+20+3+4=28. To quote the Other Wiki "In Gematriya, the system of Hebrew Numerology, the number 28 corresponds to the word koakh, meaning 'power,' 'energy.'"
  • Xtremely Kool Comic Doohickey
  • seX King of Cunnilingus Dreams
  • From Stronghold: Theres four cheats, which are used wit alt+x,k,c,d!
  • Also, assigning the proper numeric values to X (24), K (11) , C (3) and D (4), and adding them together, the result is 42. 42 is famously the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything as given by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Actually, if it was X+K+C+D, it would be 42, but sense they're next to each other, it means you multiply them which equals 3,168, which is either CAFH (3, 1, 6, 8) or CPH (3, 16, 8).
    • 3,168 is also the arithmetic sum of the words Lord Jesus Christ in Greek.
  • Isn't it obvious? it means Cut, Insert Hyper Link, Copy, Bookmark.
  • The comic's "main cast," as much as a comic like this can have one, seems to consist of roughly four characters (Cueball, Megan, Black Hat Guy, and Beret Guy). And of course, there are four letters in "XKCD." Perhaps each letter represents a character?

Randall Munroe is a pen name for River Tam
This would explain a lot.

Randall Munroe is batfuck insane
  • Do I need to show proof of this one? >_>
    • Well, it'd be interesting to see what specific strips you cited. Also: this WMG is not incompatible with the one above it.
    • I believe the proper term is "batshit insane''.

Black Hat Guy is a survivor of the Heaven's Gate cult.
  • BHG lost all belief in March 1997, the same month the Heaven's gate mass suicide occured. The alternatives of a televised scale are a ban on human cloning and the sandline Mercenary affair. Meaning Black hat guy could be a clone (Or wants clones), an Ex-cultist or ex-mercenary. There is also the possibility of a personal scale incident but that's not worth guessing about.

there is, in fact, no White hat guy.
In this comic, He just forgot to color the hat in. Thats it.
The guy who wrote the script to buy one thing under a dollar each day on Ebay is now on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Illegal Animal Trafficking list.
"Who mails a bobcat?" indeed... Sub-guess: His name is Abu Dhabi. For this reason he is particularly worried about being on FBI watchlists, and he will get arrested for repeatedly receiving a kitten in the mail once Wildlife Protection is watching him over the bobcat incident.

Find You is a sequel to Fall Apart.

Sadly he doesn't appear to have saved her.

The talking squirrel in this comic is Grace.
She's able to take on a "100% squirrel" form and still can talk while in it, and Web Comic characters make "guest appearances" in other authors' webcomics all the time...

Curiosity will meet the other Rover and neither will be alone again.

Because I need closure, damn it.

Cueball is Doc Scratch.

They both have cueballs for heads.

The guy who tried to shoot the Earth is the less-effective brother of the tornado hunter. He's just as crazy but lacks his brother's Reality Warper powers.

Black Hat Guy is somehow responsible for this.
He's right there in the photo.

"Girls and Boys" is specifically intended to be counterfactual.

Not in the sense that girls (or boys) do not go to college to get more knowledge, but in the sense that, if we as a society actually allowed girls to pursue knowledge as freely as we allow boys to, that we'd be on our way to Jupiter already, goddamnit. Of course, depending on who you ask, we already do that.

Megan is a Yuri Fan.

Think about it. She enjoyed coming up with lesbian one-hit wonder scenarios in this comic, and in Rule 34 was ready to get hot- girl-on-girl guitar porn on.

Beret Guy is an Eldritch Abomination.

Aside from some Alt Text that says that he and his employees are immortal, there are things like the fact that money appears out of nowhere for his company, his ability to see things to the atomic level (or see the elements that make things up, at any rate), his claim that his company's building is haunted, the fact that he can grow infinitely-long wings and eat business cards, his ability to go five years without eating or drinking, how he can trap people in hypothetical scenarios, and the way his beret stays on his head while he's hanging upside-down. Why is all this happening? Because he's an incomprehensible being from another dimension, childlike in innocence but with horrifying power. He's actually controlling the clouds with his cloud storage business. His mother really is some sort of great force that's pulling all the galaxies together. His promise to remember the orchid's bee has special meaning because he will live forever, even when the earth is scoured of life. When the person he's talking to sees into his imagination, it's actually his Reality Warper powers making it real. The only thing that's kept him from destroying reality as we know it is his wonder at the world and love for things both living and dead.


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