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Fridge Brilliance

  • I'm currently in college and taking a ton of computer science and math related courses, and about twice a week I learn something that makes an xkcd suddenly become absolutely brilliant. —Elan
  • Likewise, I was learning integrals when I read this strip. Reading the info text was probably the first time I laughed out loud reading something on the internet. — Sandbylur
  • For April 1st 2012, Randell devised dozens of different strips that would show up based on the users location, browser, OS, and home domain. The alt-text for each was a variation on the following:
    Umwelt is the idea that because their senses pick up on different things, different animals in the same ecosystem actually live in very different worlds. Everything about you shapes the world you inhabit—from your ideology to your glasses prescription to your browser window size.
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  • The alt-text for this comic gives the seemingly random trivia fact that Elaine is actually the girl's middle name. This is because according to this comic, her first name is "Help I'm trapped in a driver's license factory".
  • Black Hat Guy pleading the third instead of the fifth amendment doesn't quite make sense...until you figure that he regarded the sub as his house or place of residence, and then the sailors onboard were technically quartered in his house.
  • In a comic where pretty much all human characters are rather mundane (with the exception of the Beret Existentialist), the Black Hat Guy being able to levitate at will, fire lightning out of his hands, and transport people into alternate realities seems rather out of place. Then you realise that, according to the Eyelash Wish Log strip, the Black Hat Guy has the ability to wish upon his own eyelashes. No wonder he has godlike powers!
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  • While the Sagan Man comic appears to be a straightforward reference to Spider-Man's origin story, it is actually well motivated as in 1995 Carl Sagan was receiving radiation treatment for cancer (unfortunately passing away in 1996)

Fridge Humor

  • In the Etymology-Man strip, Etymology-Man isn't just a useless superhero because he can actually fly. The extra humor comes from the fact that he is ignoring his power that could be helpful and instead focusing on his power that isn't.

Fridge Logic

  • Fixed Width makes a lot less sense when you realize "definitely for real" would also fit the pattern. As would "A bit more than sex", if the point was to have it match the question phrase as much as possible.
  • In-Universe in this comic about paleontology. And then again when you start thinking about it on a larger scale.

Fridge Horror

  • Discussed for comic effect.
  • And this strip that's not comedic. At all. Holy fuck.
  • In Click and Drag, there is (not so far to the right) a deep pit with somebody trying to cover it, and near this, there is a girl on a skateboard jumping down the exact way to the pit, which is not yet covered.
  • So very much in "Time", especially after meeting the "Beanie People" — Megan and Cueball are informed that the rising sea is the result of a catastrophic flood that will destroy everything they've seen on their journey and quite a lot more. Not to mention the setting is apparently more than ten thousand years in the future, and future!Megan and Cueball live on the floor of a drained Mediterranean Sea. It is strongly implied that the "Beanie People"'s settlement is actually what's left of Marseille, France.
  • Nightmares, when you think about it, if he wakes up, he would kill his girlfriend.

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