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The Giant Was Never Meant to Be Here
Based on the story board pieces the giant was part of an army of similar giants that was involved in some serious interplanetary warfare. The species being fought against chose to detonate the planet instead of let it be captured resulting in most of the giants comrades being destroyed and him tossed out into space on a random tangent. After drifting for centuries he picked up a radio signal that indicated the presence of intelligent life and adjusted course to land on earth for repairs and to try to make contact with his home planet.

Thus eating tons of metals, for both repair material and fuels.

His violent reaction was a purely automated form of self defense that kicked into overdrive when he precived civilians being threatened by a hostile invasion. The army looked different and was only just arriving in Maine.

Without his homeworld or commanders to tell him otherwise he made logical but incorrect deductions about the situation.


Hogarth will eventually get a half-sibling through his mom's marriage to Dean
The Theory: Exactly What It Says on the Tin

Explanation: I think Hogarth would make an awesome older brother. I would imagine Annie and Dean having a kid about three or four years after the ending of the movie, so when Hogarth's about thirteen or fourteen years old. I would imagine that the baby Annie has with Dean ends up being a girl who looks pretty much identical to Annie, with the exception of having Dean's hair and eye color, as well inheriting his love of art. I would also imagine Hogarth's half-sister as being intelligent and mature for her age like Hogarth is, and the two of them being very close, despite the big age difference.

The Giant Was Never Meant To Destroy
The Theory: The Iron Giant was never meant to destroy earth.

Explanation: In the film, we are lead to believe that the giant was sent to earth to destroy everyone on it. Now, from a deleted scene, we know that the giant was created by aliens and that there are many more just like him. But what if he wasn't meant to destroy? Supposedly, the bump on his head prevented him from remembering his primary objective, which was to destroy. But what if his primary objective was something completely different? Like, say, to make contact with humans? The bump on his head did not prevent him from remembering his objective, but it gave him a speech impediment. That is why he can speak English, but he has to take time to learn it. Before he bumped his head, he already knew how to speak English, but the bump made it difficult. That is why, at the end of the movie, when the bump is fixed, he seems to be able to communicate much better, “You stay, I go. No following.” It is the first and only intelligible saying the giant makes in that movie. The guns built in to the giant were only a defense mechanism. He was not programmed to use them unless he was being attacked. The aliens just wanted peace, and the humans destroyed every chance of that.


The Iron Giant is a prototype Titan-class chassis created by the Necrons
The Giant's primary armaments fire green energy similar to that of Gauss weapons. He's also self-repairing and possesses a rudimentary personality. This checks out since most Necron warriors contain the memory imprints of the original Necrontyr race.

The Iron Giant is a self-replicating machine similar to a Berserker
That is why he eats so much metal and why there were more than one of him blowing up the planet in the deleted dream scene. The Giant's creators sent them out to destroy every other planet (or just all life) in the universe and they were programmed to land on a planet, consume copious amounts of metal, replicate, destroy the planet, and move on with each one going to another planet and starting the process again. The Giant forgot all this when he got zapped by the power station and banged his head.

The giant is a weapon of peace!

It was designed to land on a planet, provoke them by eating all the metal, and then see how the natives react. If the natives react by attempting to destroy the giant, then they are too hostile and must be destroyed. If they attempt to make contact with it and communicate with it, then the giant doesn't destroy them. That way, every violent race gets weeded out!

  • That's called Eugenics and it's not peaceful.
    • Nobody said that the aliens who are doing this weren't hypocrites.

The giant was another race's attempt to create a robotic Ultraman
His head clearly looks like a robotic Ultraman's and the weapons could easily be made for fighting kaiju

The song Iron Man is the sequel to this movie
At the end of the film, we see the giant restructuring himself after his encounter with the nuke. However, his mind was screwed up by the blast, and instead of wanting to be Superman, he is now a robotic super villain coming to "Kill the people he once saved." Of course, "
Now the time is near/for Iron Man to spread fear."
  • What about the "traveled time" bit, then?
    • Technically anybody who lives through the passage of time is said to be "traveling time". Albeit the slow way.

The Iron Giant is designed to weed out peaceful planets from hostile planets
He's a probe sent by Well-Intentioned Extremist aliens. The Giant only fights in self defense. So, the logic of the aliens is that if the inhabitants don't fire upon the Giant, then it's a decent planet to be contacted. However, if the inhabitants fire at it, they are destroyed with extreme prejudice. We survived its attack, but unfortunately, we still blew our ticket into The Federation. They might return in a couple hundred years to see if we've mellowed out.

The Iron Giant came from the same Galaxy as Ratchet & Clank.
His head is nearly Identical to Clank's, complete with the same facial expressions and shutter-like eyes. And he has a buttload of weapons that he pulls out of nowhere. He is obviously an advanced model of the type of robot Clank is with Ratchet's arsenal thrown in as a bonus.

The Giant came from Cybertron.
He came down in the form of a comet, and transforms near the end. It's just that his initial head trauma and amnesia lead to him neglecting to scan an Earth mode.
  • He was originally a Decepticon who pulled a Heel–Face Turn. He came to Earth looking for the Ark.

The Iron Giant is actually Russian
He was designed to be a weapon to kill the Americans with, that's why he has such an easy time learning human languages. It's just his programming got all fouled up by his unintentional crash and he no longer sees there to be much of a reason to fight the Americans.

The Iron Giant is actually a prototype Super Robot
To be more specific, it's a Super Prototype of Giant Robo intended for a possible space exploration or defence against aliens.

At the start of the film Mansley has been Reassigned to Antarctica
It's no stretch to think that his colleagues at the NSA find him just as annoying and obtrusive as Hogarth does and happily sent him to go check out these reports of a 'giant metal man' just to keep him out of the office.

The Iron Giant is actually a giant Cyberman
Seriously, just look at him - he looks pretty much identical to the Cybermen from the new Doctor Who series! And didn't the Cybermen use a giant Cyberman to invade London in one episode?
  • The Giant has a different face of sorts form the Cybermen. Also aren't they suppose to wipe out emotions?
  • The blow on the head also deactivated his emotion blocker.

The giant didn't want to kill, even in full battle mode
When is destroying tanks you often see people leap out of them before they are destroyed. Even with his battle programming taking over he is still trying to avoid killing.
  • Well, he didn't do a great job with that- the Walker-Bulldog light tank has a crew of four, and you only see the what I assume is the commander and driver get out before it's annihilated.

The giant's arrival on Earth was completely accidental
The Giant is one of several super-weapons being used in some kind of galactic alien war. None of those sides wanted anything to do with Earth. Somehow, one of the giants was knocked off-course and crashed on Earth.
  • Judging by some of the storyboard scenes, this does seem to be the most likely explanation.

The Alien Civilization that created the Giant is long gone.
Going off the theory that the Giant was not intended to land on Earth, it is likely that he was drifting through space for an incredibly long time. From the look of things, the Giant was traveling at a star's escape velocity, (Say, between 1 to 10 times the speed of the Voyager Probe). The Giant had to be moving slow enough to survive re-entry with Earth, so relativistic speeds are unlikely. Going off how far away the sun's closest relative is, the giant would have been drifting for about 80,000 years at Voyager-speed. If the giant was from a further star, he could have been drifting for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years. It is not known what the giant is powered from, but his body could probably remain intact. A human device like the voyager probe is theorized to remain structurally intact for almost a billion years, providing it doesn't smash into anything. Chances are the Giant is a little more robust than a dinky human probe.
  • The escape velocity of what type of star? I'm no astronomer, but I'd figure that a red dwarf has a much lower escape velocity than, say, a blue giant.

The Iron Giant is a secret test of character by Aliens.
Aliens build them and look at prospective worlds and species who are on the cusp of technological advances of space travel. They pre-emptively send these giants as a test of the species nature. Warlike aggressive species attack the giant and are wiped out or at least sent back a few era's by its destructive capacity and get to try again in the far future. Peaceful ones do not attack it and are welcome members to the empires of the stars. The aggressive ones get weeded out and don't cause massive galactic wars in the future. Judging by humanity's reaction to him, it seems unlikely that humanity passed the test.
  • Not necessarily - based on the Giant's actions in the film, any species that attacked a Giant would only have to realize their error and cease attacking to prevent large scale destruction. While this might have been as a result of the damage the Giant took when he arrived on Earth, it's just as possible this was intended behavior - possibly to the point that the "dent" in the Giant's head was actually an intentional design choice, to make the Giant appear more relatable/harmless. If it is intended behavior, then the Giants would be specifically intended to wipe out species too aggressive and bloodthirsty to be convinced to accept any form of peace, even if it meant their total destruction. At which point, it's entirely feasible that humanity passed by simple virtue of the Giant's arrival and eventual disabling being effectively just a blip on their species' history.

The Iron Giant is Neutro's less awesome cousin.
Because someone had to make an AT4W reference, so why not me?

The Giant and his Lineage were a WMD gone horribly right.
Going off two of the above theories that the Giant was never meant to be sent to Earth and that the aliens who created them are gone, it could possibly mean that the Giant was never meant to be a galactic conqueror, but instead the end result of an Alien Arms Race. Their defensive nature might have been used by the Aliens as sentinels against invasion (designed in such a way that no one could control them, only trip their failsafe and be obliterated if they're aggressive), but for whatever reason they saw their own masters as aggressors (possibly because they might have felt they were being enslaved or their Alien masters were forced to use other weapons, and the giants automatically assumed them to be hostile), engaged their defensive protocols and wiped out their own creators, culminating in destroying their planet and sending the legions of giants adrift through space.

The newly animated Nightmare sequence has some stuff that would not be consistent if the Giant was simply sent as a destroyer; Only a single planet was shown to be destroyed, rather than several, which implied that the Giant only did this once. It's also shown that to destroy a planet, a whole army of Giants were present but only he showed up to Earth. There's no reason to assume that Earth would require any less troops (much less only one member of an entire army) to take out than the last one, so the Giant's appearance must be by accident.

  • 1)It could easily be that only one planet was shown destroyed simply because this particular giant was fresh off the product line before that planet. 2)It could easily be that the planet shown needed multiple giants to take down because they were more advanced. A modern day country that wants to conquer another will need many many tanks, but if they want to conquer a primitive spears-and-loincloths tribe in the rainforest then they might not even need one tank.

The Iron Giant is from the future.
In the year 3000 The Cold war was still raging and The Soviet Union was still in power. The American race build the Iron Giants to change the outcome of the war against The Soviet Communists, but the war erupted into an apocalypses that destroys the planet. But 1 American might halved send one of the giants to travel back in time in order to prevent this from happening by sending him to 1000 years before the apocolypic war would happened and make the Soviet Union collapse for good. But apparently the Giant went way to further back in the year 1957, and crashed in Maine. And he later befriended Hogarth Hughes.

Kent Mansley was sent to Prison
Well, he was last seen being holded in his car by Rogard's soldiers, and was arrested due to his crimes and treachery.

Kent Mansley lost both of his parents and/ or wife
Implied. as during the Interrogation while asking Hogarth where the location is the giant, he briefly says to Hogarth saying "It's difficult to raise a boy all alone". Meaning that he lost either one of his parents (likely mother or father), or lost his wife, which would Heavily Imply that's the reason the way he is, which would also mean that he does care at least about his wife, family or so.

Kent had a dark, troubled, and sad life
While it's not shown about Kent's past in the film, It might heavily imply at least that he was abused by both of his parents, bullied likely by any of his siblings, and was beaten up by children at school, which might mean that it's the reason why he is who he is now.

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