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Tear Jerker / The Iron Giant

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The usual reaction to this movie.
  • Watching the Giant struggle in pain as the electrical wires at the power plant electrocute him. It's the first indication that this isn't just a monster, but a sentient being with feelings, which is why Hogarth goes back to save him.
  • Literally the entire scene once the air raid siren starts going off. Starting with Hogarth explaining to the Giant what it means.
    Hogarth: It's a missile. When it comes down, [crushing realization] everyone will die.
    • This exchange of dialogue. Just the hopelessness and sense of realism in Dean's voice:
    Annie: Shouldn't we get to a shelter?
    Dean: It wouldn't matter.
    • The Giant's Heroic Sacrifice: "You...stay. I...go. No following."
    • "Superman..." Who knew that Vin Diesel could reduce grown men to tears with a single word? Kal-El himself would be honored.
    • The way Hogarth whispers "I love you," as The Giant takes off.
    • Hogarth tearfully clinging to the Giant's finger as he pulls it away.
    • The utter exhaustion in General Rogard's voice after the giant's sacrifice is tearjerking in its own way as well.
      • General Rogard figured a huge irony out of all this. He realized that the Giant that they were deployed in fighting against was the hero that stopped the missile from destroying them all and it was indirectly his fault.
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    • And hell, just the realization that the Giant takes Hogarth up on his advice of proving to the town that he's good... by sacrificing himself. Feasibly, he could've shot the bomb down, but no, he chose to do this so he'd never bring all this chaos to anyone again. Oh, Giant.
  • "Souls don't die..."
  • The Giant after believing Hogarth to be dead. Even savvy viewers that knew otherwise got choked up by the Giant grieving for his friend. Especially when he starts trembling and buries his face in his hands.
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  • The deer in the forest and Hogarth's explanation of the concept of death to the Giant.
    Hogarth: Things die... It's a part of life. It's bad to kill. But it's not bad to die.
  • The scene after Hogarth nearly gets vaporized by the Giant when they were playing a game and the Giant mistook Hogarth's toy gun for a real weapon, and Dean yells at him, calling him "a big gun that walks." Giant then gets a "My God, What Did I Almost Do?" moment when he sees a bus with a vaporized hole as Dean tells him, "You almost did THAT to Hogarth!"
  • The scene where the Giant approaches the dead deer and learns about the concept of death for the first time. Even sadder considering what happens to him later on.
  • A minor moment, but after Hogarth meets the Giant for the first time, Annie finds and hugs him. And when Hogarth does his Motor Mouth behavior about what he just saw, Annie angrily tells him to stop. Given how he wasn't home during a blackout, her anger is justified.
  • One of the alternate scenes on the DVD gives us one. In the alternate introduction of Annie and Hogarth, they get their truck unstuck from a mud pit during a rainstorm, and Annie gets covered in mud in the process. Hogarth can’t help but giggle at his mother’s appearance, so she pulls him close and tries to get mud on him in retaliation, making him laugh even harder. This cute moment takes a sad turn pretty quickly though, at the mention of Hogarth’s father, who passed away.
    Annie: Oh, you laugh just like your father.
    Hogarth: …I miss him…
    Annie: (sighs) So do I, honey… so do I.
  • Similar source to the above, the deleted scene where the Giant has a nightmare. The way he twitches in his sleep and shouts when he wakes up is simply heart-wrenching.

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