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Heartwarming / The Iron Giant

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  • "I Am Not a Gun."
  • "You stay. I go. No following. ..."
    • The nearly silent response: "I love you..."
  • "Superman..."
    • Many critics have called this movie the best Superman film in history.
  • At the end, we find out that The Giant's self-repairing mechanism still works. A Sequel Hook that never came to be? (This movie has been Vindicated by Cable...)
  • At the end when we see that Hogarth has become friends with the kids who originally picked on him.
  • General Rogard sending the only piece of the Giant they were able to recover to Hogarth.
    • This gets even better when Hogarth wakes up in the middle of the night to find it missing from its box, looking under his bed for it, only to hear a familiar beeping sound and flashing light. The way he breaks into a smile before even turning around knowing full well what that means. The hopeful tone in his voice changes what was shaping up to be a Bittersweet Ending into pure Sweet Dreams Fuel.
    Hogarth: See you later...
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  • Dean's involvement with Hogarth in general is pretty damn heartwarming. He starts out by being nice to him at the diner despite how it turns out for him, then he very kindly doesn't rat Hogarth out when he finds him at the scrap yard, he protects him when he sees the Giant for the first time, and then agrees to help the two of them. He automatically slips into a caretaker role without being asked and even gives him encouragement when Hogarth admits to be bullied. Dean goes above and beyond being a Parental Substitute and even ends up in the role permanently.
  • The scene where Annie visits Dean's home, which in the theatrical cut marks the first time they hit it off. Dean's stunned to meet someone who actually likes his work, and the way they meet and chat as the spark ignites just feels completely natural and sweet.
    • The cut scene where he gets a cup of coffee from her right before picking up the bitten tractor is also sweet. They engage in light-hearted ribbing (including him asking what a pretty woman like her is doing at a diner) after he apologizes for the "squirrel incident" and she feels comfortable enough with him to confide about her worries that Hogarth acts out because he's lonely (a theory the movie supports), to which he responds by saying Hograth is a great kid.
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  • Hogarth running back to the power plant to save the Giant from getting electrocuted, it's screams of agony telling him that this isn't just a monster but a sentient being with feelings being tortured.
  • Hogarth manages to bring back the Giant from his weapon mode by standing before the Giant's arm-cannon and telling him: "You don't have to be a gun. You are what you choose to be. You choose. Choose!"



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