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Vork still has his grandfather's body hidden in his house.
Disturbing thought, but When Vork mentioned he still collects his grandfather's social security money, it reminded me of Desperate Housewives, where Mrs. McCluskey (who's the sanest person on Wisteria Lane, actually) stashed her husband's body in the freezer for years to continue getting his pension checks. We know Vork has a Bluebeard-esque room he won't allow Zaboo into, as well as a room so full of stuff that could have anything hidden inside it. I'm sure he has one of those big freezers that somebody threw away, but the no electricity thing would mean he would have to keep it stocked with a lot of ice...
  • When Codex took Zaboo to Vork's to rehome him, one of the first things Vork said was that the last person who visited him took his grandfather away in a hearse. I guess he could have been lying, but it would be odd that he volunteered the information.

Bladezz didn't delete Tink's character.
He moved the file to another folder to teach her a lesson. Still a Jerkass thing to do, but more forgivable.
  • and would allow for easy reset back as part of the guild.
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  • Not really that Jerkass when you consider she cheated him out of $4,000. Compared to that, holding a game character hostage, or even deleting it, doesn't even register. But yeah, good theory. But rather than him moving it to another folder, perhaps he deleted it but recorded a "retrieve" password first?
  • It's an MMO. Character files would be stored on the server, not (in this case) Tink's laptop. If Bladezz has any hacking skills to speak of, given he had to ask Vork to give him the guild bank rather than just hacking Vork's account to take it, I'd have to class him as 'script kiddie' at best.

Codex will start stalking Zaboo
This just seems like a hilarious way of turning the tables, and the Season almost seems to be setting this up. Since Codex "dumped" her stalker Zaboo and he took it surprisingly well by hooking up with Riley, Codex seems to ironically be having some trouble with it. She alluded to being dumped "twice" (meaning by Wade and Zaboo), indicating she views Zaboo as having dumped her (even though literally like 5 minutes before the incident, she "dumped" him). Codex already didn't like Riley, and with Zaboo suddenly all over her, it may cause Codex to go a little crazy and start acting irrational and Zaboo-like. An Hourglass Plot, if you will.
  • Jossed by the events of Season 3. Zaboo ultimately comes to accept that him and Codex are just friends, and the two leave it at that.
    • Maybe not. As of the end of season 4 Zaboo has accepted they're just friends, but Codex has begun to see him in a new light (to her dismay).
      • Jossed in Season 5 when Zaboo and Codex realize they have no chemistry together.

Even better theory: This is exactly what Zaboo intended!
Hooking up with Riley wasn't Zaboo's way of getting over Codex, it was another one of his pathetic/disturbing attempts at getting her to like him. He's trying to make an uninterested woman "jealous". My guess is that it will seem to be working for a while, but when Codex finds out what he's doing (and that she almost fell for the manipulation), it's going to bite him in the ass. Either that, or he really is into Riley, which is just one more way of showing how shallow his concept of "love" is to hook up with her so quickly. (not meaning to hate on Zaboo, he rocks, in a funny creepy stalker-ish kind of way)
  • Also Jossed by the events of Season 3. Zaboo ultimately comes to accept that him and Codex are just friends, and the two leave it at that.

Tink is a Fake Defector.
In the latest season, at the end of episode 2 Tink says she's leaving and starts talking to the leader of the rival guild. She's probably going to do this to act out some plan which will end up with her having tons of loot, a max level character, weakening the rival guild etc to show that's why she should of been leader.

Riley is a closet lesbian
She seems to be acting more and more "masculine", and in the dominant role in the relationship with Zaboo, even to the point of humorous things like grunting while she does pull-ups. Then she rather blatantly came onto Codex, who was uncomfortable with it. I'm theorizing that Riley is not Anything That Moves, or even bi, she's just a Butch Lesbian in denial, which explains why when getting angry about Codex "rejecting her", she made a point that she didn't even want to game with Codex anyway (before practically begging Codex to game with her ). She's in denial, and just happens to like hooking up with weak guys to assert her dominance.

Codex (as in the Avatar, not as in Cyd Sherman herself) is a filthy rotten liar
After Cyd has her mental breakdown and has a hallucinatory conversation with "Codex", "Codex" says that since Cyd is just close to insanity, this probably won't happen again. Of course this is probably a lie, as almost immediately after, Fawkes makes a pass at Cyd, to which she reacts disgustedly and tells Zaboo she would never go out with Fawkes. Cue Cyd waking up in bed with Fawkes the next day with no recollection of the event. "Codex" is lieing through her teeth (or otherwise just didn't realize that it was going to be a new thing) and the two will be butting heads in the near future, becoming a major conflict for Season 4.
  • Codex was probably referring to the conversation. As in, "we probably won't be talking to ourself again".
    • Your way actually sounds more likely. They won't have a direct conversation again, at least not for a while, but Cyd will probably start having more of these blackouts in which "Codex" handles things for her. Codex might end up being the Big Bad in her own series next season! The inability for Cyd to talk to Codex would definitely make the conflict juicer, since she can't talk her down or even know what she's up to.

Vork will become ripped.
You know, buff, defined, a little more looking like his avatar. I don't know how, and I don't care if it would be a special effect, he'll be muscled somehow, even if for only a few episodes...

Codex's split personality actually developed as early as the season 2 finale.
The running spirit scene. Let's recap: the tension between Tink and Bladezz came to a climax, Vork and Clara had a falling out. The Guild, pretty much the only good thing in her life, was falling apart. Add that she just got publicly humiliated by Wade, who then went on to kiss Clara, and found out that her stalker had also "dumped" in favour of her rival. The running spirit represents her trying to escape from the situation, trying to distance herself from it - which is how MPD tends to develop.
  • So you're saying that rather than merely being a visual aid for her desire to escape it all, as it initially seemed, it was actually a much more literal example of her beginning to dissociate from reality and view her own life as separate from herself, becoming a bit of rather brilliant foreshadowing of the DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) that the S3 finale seemed to be setting up? Dude, that fits so perfectly I don't know why I never thought of it before! That's it, this theory (along with the Split Personality) is officially Canon in my mind. It would also explain why such a point was made of getting Codex's therapist out of the picture in the first episode of the series, so this conflict wouldn't be staved off early. So it seems Season 4 may be the start of something that Felicia's been setting up since the premiere.
Codex has always had a split personality, and the guildies are her other personalities.
  • stay with me here. All the guildies are stereotypes of certain personas. Codex created them as a delusional way of feeling as though she was interacting with other people. She runs the guild herself, and manages all the other players, which is why she spend so much time on the computer. She was the one dating Riley. the only other real person in the guild is Tink, and she defected when she found out what kind of person she was dealing with. this is why Codex was the one who one the game: she was the only guild member laying. Also, the rival guild didn't challenge the entire guild, they challenged her and all of her personalities.
    • Naw, that's just too far out.
Zaboo is, or is somehow related too, Mikami from Death Note.
  • And they are both Cybermen!
Vork is secretly a millionaire.
  • He's shown to have meticulous budgeting and logistics skills, yet this never seems to help him with his financial situation. He could be one of those eccentric types who obsesses over every penny. He keeps depositing his extra cash into bank accounts that he's psychologically incapable of withdrawing from.
    • This would explain one mystery about his financial situation. He says he's still pocketing his grandfather's social security checks, but he doesn't have electricity, he doesn't have house payments, one can only hope he doesn't have van payments, and he doesn't pay for an internet connection. He probably has to pay for his guild account, but that alone shouldn't take so much money from the monthly checks that he has to scavange for food. But if he's hording every penny the same way he hordes food and discarded belongings...
Zaboo's mom has actually turned a new leaf.
  • Instead of the creepy woman with a borderline-incestuous relationship with her son, Mrs. Goldberg may have finally realized her faults and turned into a regretful lady who wants to make amends for how much she warped Zaboo...
Zaboo's mom now plays the game, and is in the Axis of Anarchy.
...or she could still be insane in the membrane and wants to beat her son at what he loves most in order to mentally break him. Thus, leaving a heavily-submissive Zaboo that'll need his mother's constant attention.

Zaboo's mom will hook up with Vork.
And it will be hilarious...
  • Confirmed.

Zaboo's mom will hire Vork
Vork will be paid both in actual money and game economics advice. Meanwhile Zaboo's mom will have one of her son's friends in her pocket as a ready excuse to watch over and constantly visit her son.

Fawkes and Zaboo will hook up.
When Codex kicked Fawkes out of her place, she kicked him into Zaboo's arms. There was a moment. And let's face it: this would be fucking hilarious and a rich vein of drama to mine, to say the least.
  • Zaboo did say that Riley put him off girls for [the near, forseeable future], rather than dating/sex.

Fawkes is the Fox.
Might be pretty obvious, but the Fox that is appearing all the time in the convention in series 5, that seems to be fixated on Codex is actually Fawkes. Apart from the superficial similarity of the name, there is also the running 'Is Fawkes a Furry' joke that could have been building up to explaining why he has a fox costume. Only question 1 remains: WHY the costume. Is his face messed up from last season? Is he trying to mess with the guild off the radar? Is he too ashamed to face Codex?Bonus points if it turns out he makes a last minute reveal while simultaneously stopping the sale of the game.

  • Confirmed.

Vork's Grandfather was The Soldier from Team Fortress 2
Both of them are batshit crazy. Both of them fought in World War II despite the war having ended at least a year before they entered the conflict. His grandfather's hedonism might just be a sign that the Soldier mellowed out in his retirement.

Codex will start making changes to "The Game"...
Bad changes. Sure she'll start as a Promoted Fangirl but soon she'll be Running the Asylum. She'll get drunk on power and will get a dose of her own medicine when fans diss her changes to the game. Oh the irony!


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