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  • Actor Allusion:
    • In 3.5 Application'd, Zaboo can be seen wearing a Legend of Neil shirt. The Legend of Neil is another web series, created by Zaboo's actor, Sandeep Parikh.
    • There are at least two Dr. Horrible references: Riley calling Zaboo "Bad Horse," and Codex putting up her fists while referring to "hammers." Also, Codex owns a frozen yogurt maker; in the musical, froyo was an important symbol for Penny and Billy's relationship.
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  • Acting for Two: Tink's twin sisters Tara and Lara were originally supposed to be played by twin actresses, but due to a scheduling snafu, they had to hire one of the extras to play both parts. And she had no acting experience.
  • The Cast Showoff: Felicia's fond of writing actor's talents into the script. Bladezz is a talented card dealer because actor Vincent knows sleight of hand card tricks, Codex plays the violin as does Felicia Day, Tink plays basketball, and Amy Okuda shows off her dancing skills in the music videos. Also stuntman Wade Wei was played by an actual stuntman who did his own stuntwork. Felicia and Vince also show off their impressive vocal talents in the music videos (namely, Felicia singing and Vince holding a Bollywood-style note with perfection).
  • DVD Commentary: Each season was compiled into its own Youtube video and added "trivia annotations" written by Felicia Day about the development of the show.
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  • Old Shame: In the Youtube annotations for the first season, the writer, Felicia Day, expresses regret for having characters throw around the word "retarded" with no-one calling them out.


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