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  • Bruiser gets his early in season 3.
    Bruiser (to Bladezz):"I just banged your mom."
  • The Halloween episode has one for all guildees and Clara's youngest child.
  • Vork gets one when he interacts with Kwan in the LAN battle. Kwan trash talks him in korean, and when Nik begins to translate this to english, Vork cuts her off and starts responding with some trash-talking of his own - in Korean as well.
    Vork: "I am ready and willing to challenge you! May the moon glow on you in your hour of need!"
    • You sure it wasn't Japanese?
      • Kwan is definitely Korean... He plays StarCraft.
    • Vork's Korean is made even more awesome by the fact that earlier in the season he struggled with Spanish.
  • Also in the LAN battle: Mr. Wiggly defeats Kwan.
    • "Sheer idiocy is my gaming specialty."
  • ALSO in the LAN battle: Zaboo, the Butt-Monkey for most of the episodes so far, kicking ass and taking names, against the Axis of Anarchy no less. For the record, Zaboo took down two of the Anarchists (and probably took down Valkyrie as well), twice as many as some of his guildies, and was only "defeated" when Riley shot his screen with a paintball gun.
    Zaboo: I'm the George Clooney of RPGs.
  • Zaboo gets another one in the following episode when he breaks up with Riley via Twitter when she's two feet away, then when she protests he says 140 characters was all he needed...snap! Over the last two episodes he's taken at least 5 levels in badass, and finally accepted his friendship with Codex to boot.
    • Riley immediately retaliates with a crowning moment of her own: when Zaboo breaks up with her, she pulls Venom over, straddles her and forces a kiss, just to show Zaboo how easily she can get over him and what he's missing out on.
  • And Codex gets one when she defeats Fawkes — and technically Tink — with only one hit point. As if that wasn't enough she does it while reaming out Vork and Bladezz, getting an apology from Vork and making Bladezz apologize to Tink.
    • In that same scene, Tink allowing Codex to kill her is a crowning moment for Tink in itself.
    Tink: I didn't think this was possible... but... you guys are way too douchey for me. Codex, take me down.
  • One for Bladezz: Bruiser admits that even though he only had sex with Bladezz's mom to spite him, he has grown to like her, and asks Bladezz if he's OK with them dating. Bladezz coolly responds that if all charges are dropped, he'd help out.
  • The Knights of Good banding together to help Zaboo break away from his controlling mother in the season one finale is arguably the show's very first CMOA.
  • Season 4, where Zaboo Sells the romantic painting of Fawkes and Codex that he commissioned and buys her a brand new gaming computer. Awesome, Heartwarming, and hilarious as he friend-zones himself... knowingly.
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  • Season 4, Episode 10. Fawkes approaches Codex and asks her to go out with him again, and she rightly calls him out on being a total douchebag. Immediately after, Jeannette (the waitress) says it's good to see him again (they apparently slept together offscreen) and he responds by "treating her like the hired help." Jeannette proceeds to hurl Fawkes over a railing and kick his ass.
  • Season 5, Episode 8. Clara calling Zaboo off and forcing him to sleep:
    "Call off your robots. Now. Don't make me use my mom voice."
  • The parade of geek celebrity cameos throughout Season 5, culminating with no less than Stan freaking Lee in the penultimate episode. One wonders how many favors were called in and/or promised to get that many luminaries on the roster.
  • One for Fawkes in Season 5, where he manages to give Codex and Tink an opening to convince The Game creator Floyd Petrowski -- who's thinking of selling out after Codex's rage-filled reactions at his proposed changes -- that he shouldn't sell out by continuing to participate in his Furry Fandom.
    • This leads to Codex getting to work on the game she loves, presumably as a designer!
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    • In season 6, it's revealed that Codex will get to work for Petrowski, but only as his personal assistant and Yes Woman.
  • And in Season Six, Vork manages to start a revolution against The Game over his character being deleted, and when Madeline sees how serious a protest it really is, she comes back to him.


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