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Mark Stambler is related to Howard Stambler from 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Either he is Howard's brother or possibly a son or nephew, but Mark does share Howard's conspiracy theories.
    • Son/nephew makes more sense, as 10CL is set in the present day (2016), where as this one takes place somewhere around 2028.

It's not the Station that's killing them, it's the Alternate Universe itself!
  • This troper got that same impression. The inner workings of the alternate universe must act like an immune system that's treating the Station crew like an illness that needs to be eradicated because they don't belong there.
    • Though whatever possessed the arm seemed benevolent. Maybe being the nexus of the interdimensional rift some interdimensional beings could manipulate the station - some destructive and some helpful.

The fate of Ava and Schmidt...

The future of Ava's world
  • the Clover monster's parent/s and possibly others are on their world now, but that's not the end of humanity. They will create massive destruction and death just with their mere existence, but animals that huge would require massive amounts of food and even supposing they could get nutrition from the plants/animals/people they eat they won't be able to consume enough to survive. they'll slowly starve to death meaning that humanity has to get enough people hunkered down until the monsters die before even having a chance to devour the entire biosphere.
    • Not necessarily. The original Cloverfield movie's alternate reality game established Clover's species as naturally occurring, rather than from another dimension. They did need to feed off special deep sea nectar, meaning they less incentive to hang around on dry land.

The Cloverfield Universe plays part in the current Kaiju Multiverse
In Cloverfield Paradox, a small crew activated a device known as the Shepard Particle Accelerator. While the device would bring unlimited energy resources for mankind, it brought about the potential risk of monsters and aliens into their world.

However, the risks didn't just affect that universe, it also affected other universes. Multiple universes collided and it unleashed a series of wars.


In the MonsterVerse, the monsters of that world which would be called 'Gods' battled forces from two fronts, two universe, the Precursors and Clovers (that is, Clover's species in Cloverfield). Ultimately, the Gods (which included Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and Kong's Ancestors) have wiped out a significant majority of the invaders, the remaining ones barely fled with their lives, but the costs were too high. With their radioactive energy source on the surface very much depleted, the Gods retreated deeper into the planet to thrive.

Meanwhile in the Anteverse, the Precursors were suffering a war of their own. In their world, invaders poured out and they were the Lanes (the Aliens from 10 Cloverfield Lane). The war between the Precursors and Lanes devastated the former's home, hence their failed attempt to colonize the MonsterVerse. However, the experience caused one of the scientists to have an idea: they would create monsters of their own. Using DNA samples from the Gods and Clovers, they built the Anteverse Kaiju. With their help, the Precursors pushed back the invaders with a fleet heading to the universe setting the events of 10 Cloverfield Lane into motion. Back in the Anteverse, the Precursors made use of the cracks into other universes to find a new home to build and they did so, setting the events of Pacific Rim also rolling.


The Clovers fled with a small family of Clovers, a mother and child entered another world but they got separated causing the baby to find itself in Manhattan Cloverfield.

Colossal had a part in these wars. The playground was long ago part of an intense battle between creatures from other worlds and its conclusion unknown. However, the intense energy from that battle remained there allowing anyone in there to physically manifest avatars based on the long dead participants.

The events of Shin Godzilla were the aftermath of the war across the Kaiju Multiverse. At some point, Shin Godzilla was a prehistoric sea creature; he didn't came from the world he currently lives in, but from another world. Shin Godzilla lived in a world whose physics and laws were different from the other world. However, the Cloverfield Paradox opened a hole into that world and Shin Godzilla accidentally entered there. Due to how different the world was, Shin Godzilla had to thrive on what was suitable mutating into the creature he is today.

It is unknown what role Godzilla Earth had in the Kaiju Wars but he was present long ago and his actions in Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters may have been the result of said war.

Lastly, the Clovers were separated with a large group entering the world of Cloverfield Paradox. Thus, the world was under siege by these large monsters.

The German spy...
  • was Jensen. She printed the gun in her own universe, which is why she knew where it was. The logs were hers and she masked them as Schmidts'. She managed to emotionally manipulate Hamilton into letting her go back to her Earth. She was combat trained and able to take out multiple people.
    • Agreed.

Jensen's Earth is populated by "evil" twins.
  • Not only is Schmidt a spy sabotaging the mission and Jensen selfishly opts for a solution that sacrifices the other Earth to save her's, while Ava was trying to save both, but the general situation of the planet is worse than on the heroes' Earth. While in "our" Earth war has so far been avoided despite tensions, in Jensen's Earth at least two major countries are already at war with each other. Maybe is because I was reading Morrison's JLA: Earth-2 the other night, but I think people from Jensen's Earth are, if not really evil, at least worse on average than their counterparts, more selfish, nationalistic and paranoid which leads to matters worsening faster.

The Cloverfield multiverse is part of the Star Trek multiverse.
  • Star Trek also famously has a Multiverse as part of its setting, which includes the Mirror Universe and the so-called "Kelvin" Universe that JJ Abrams' Star Trek trilogy takes place in. In the first of these films, Kirk is attacked and almost killed by a (relatively) small Clover, and Slusho is a drink choice at the bar Kirk meets Uhura in. Maybe the three Cloverfield universes are just part of this greater Multiverse, but "further" away from the three widely-seen Star Trek universes.

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