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The Big Bad of the film are the "tick creatures" from Cloverfield.
Way easier to kill the big monsters, but not all the little ones.
  • Nope, it's a completely different threat - an alien invasion force. Also, Howard fits the role better than they do.
The movie takes place during Cloverfield.
  • John Goodman's character is a lonely recluse and madman. The monster's attack on NYC in the first film resembles a psychotic delusion of his, and he has taken the man and woman hostage for their "own good".
Binary code will have some significance in the film.
  • This is the second Cloverfield movie, and it's 10 Cloverfield Lane. In binary 2 is 1-0.
The world has been overrun with Cloverfield kaiju and their parasites.
  • The "chemical attack" that John Goodman's character claims has taken place was a failed attempt by the world's governments to fight off an invasion of the surface by the Cloverfield monster's species.
    • Or there's simply one of his kind...his vengeful mother who's far stronger and more dangerous.
    • Would that make it a Kaiju Trap?
    • Jossed. Aliens with biotech are the ones invading the world.
The Cloverfield creature is the natural form of the alien ship creatures.
So, these ships are clearly a form of bio technology, but they clearly have some non-organic components. I submit that these creatures have to be purposefully grown and matured in an artificial process to shape them into the ships, and that Clover is what happens when one of these creatures matures naturally, removed from this process. Now, some might counter that Clover is already at least as big and probably bigger than the patrol ships, and that Clover is supposed to be a baby. I will counter that 1), there are larger versions of the ships that we see revealed in stormclouds at the end, and that 2) Clover being a baby is not the actual, official truth. It's just one writer's interpretation, one that other writers didn't agree with, and that this troper personally rejects.
The next film will involve a haunted office building.
Why? Why not? It's a setting they haven't used, and a supernatural entity they haven't used.
  • Bruce Willis will be the ghost. Again.
The movie was a genuine sequel to the original Cloverfield.
It's been mentioned that this movie isn't a real sequel to Cloverfield and is related in name only. However, the original Cloverfield shows the first phase of the Alien attack in a big city with the giant creature, which turns out to be an alien weapon. The sequel takes place out in the country where the protagonist is unaware of the monster attack happening during her drive before the car accident, or it could have happened while she was knocked out. After the events of the film, however, she escapes to the surface, just when the second phase of human abduction and sweeps is happening all over the planet.
The burnt woman isn't Howard's neighbour.
She's actually one of Howard's past victims who was burned by the acid, but escaped after.
The movie, released during the 2016 Republican primaries, is a cautionary tale about the danger of a Trump presidency.
Howard represents Donald Trump himself (note that both share their names with an
anthropomorphic duck). Emett is the typical Trump voter: white working-class male, without a degree, and from a rural area. Michelle, a woman from a big city, named like first lady Michelle Obama, represents the "other" America, the one who didn't vote for Trump.
Both Americas are locked in Trump's bunker, a metaphor for his paranoia or, more literally, for the "walls" he intends to build to protect them from the dangers of the outside world.
Emett (Trump voters) came voluntarily, but Michelle (the others) was trapped against her will after an unexpected and traumatic event (car crash/surprise Trump victory.)
At first, Michelle wants to fight against Howard, but Howard convinces her to stay. According to him, they are under attack and the bunker is the only way to stay safe. The world has been foolish to ignore the danger, he said, and he alone can protect them. The proof to support his claims? Dead pigs, of course, symbolizing the Islamist threat to U.S. safety and values (pig is considered an impure animal in Islam.)
Then an infected woman (a refugee) begs to come in the bunker, but Howard tells Michelle it is not safe to let her in.
Michelle then accepts to live under the rule of Howard and tries to have a normal life inside the bunker. But she soon realizes it is impossible because Howard is mentally unstable, with sudden outbursts of temper (reminiscent of Trump's Twitter outbursts).
So, she decides to leave Plato's Cave, to face reality instead of relying on Howard's "alternative facts". The external threat is real and challenging (Alien invasion/Islamic State), but it is preferable to confront it instead of staying in the illusory safety of Howard's bunker.
The true Big Bad of the film is possibly an alien overlord who leads the invasion.
The movie is a stealth prequel to J. J. Abrams planned Half-Life Movie
The father Michelle saw abusing his child was her fiancée.
She says her brother used to protect her from her abusive father. When she saw a child being abused by it's father, she ran instead of helping. Given that people who were abused as children tend to enter abusive relationships later in life, could this be her fiancée and child? When we first see her, she's running from her fiancée after a fight. Also, it would make sense for her not to name them to Emmett, who she really doesn't know yet. And, it was important enough to her to be the biggest regret she could think of. Makes her tears at finding out that the air outside may be deadly all the more heartbreaking.
The aliens were a contributing factor to Howard going even further into madness.

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