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Certain characters and storylines will have to be toned down even for AMC
  • Jossed, for now. While the series has strayed from the source material it hasn't pulled any punches as far as storytelling goes. And the vile acts of the series characters.

The vampire hunters from the pilot are agents of the Grail

Odin's actions in The South Will Rise Again are directly the result of Exact Words gone amuck.
  • Jesse did not tell him to "Be a good Christian" or "Do what is best for all", he said "Serve God". And based on what we know so far, Odin could very likely be serving God in a roundabout way.
    • The Green company means to fundamentally change Odin's business model. Maybe, in his mind Status Quo Is God , quite literally?
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    • Thought occurred: what if he tries to serve God as in: slaughter and cook the physical manifestation of God? The way this show works it could happen
    • Or maybe Odin's idea of God isn't the same as ours. Perhaps he views money as his God or himself.
      • Semi-confirmed in He Gone. Quincannon states he's not a Christian, and based on the dialog, considers Texas Army Colonel William Travis his God (he keeps a copy of Travis' "Victory or Death" letter under his pillow), and seeing that Quincannon Meat and Power is restored to its former glory is his way of serving him.
      • He later clarifies that he serves "The God of Meat", i.e., "The God of what's tangible and touchable".

Eugene didn't murder his classmate
  • Much like the comic they had a suicide pact because they wanted to go out in the same manner as Romeo and Juliet. However the pact got botched and one ended up in a vegetated state while the other had half of his bottom face blown off. Eugene made up the attempted murder story so that his classmate would be the only one that came out of the botched pact with her reputation unshattered.
    • Confirmed, sort of. She was going to kill herself over a breakup, but Eugene was able to comfort her and talk her down. She put down the gun... then picked it right back up when he kissed her. Eugene, freaked out and realizing that her mother was going to kill him when she found out, decided to save her the trouble. Not quite as bright as the initial prediction would have it, but still better than what everyone in Annville thought.

Where is God?
Where do you think God is?

DeBlanc is a demon, and he and Fiore may also be Genesis' parents
  • DeBlanc always refers to Heaven as if he's distanced from it, saying "they love you up there" instead of "they love you back home" or something similar; he stops Fiore from saying something when he tells Jesse they're from Heaven, insisting "BOTH of us" are from there; in "Finish The Song" he tells Fiore "you have no idea what it's like down there, believe me"; and Anatol Yusef has confirmed that DeBlanc took the job of guarding Genesis, at least in part, to get out of Hell. Fiore and DeBlanc are also obviously rather close, and DeBlanc sounds more wistful than disgusted when talking about Genesis' creation; Fiore, on the other hand, doesn't start calling the parents traitors until he notices the Seraph sitting down and potentially listening in. It's a big departure from the comics, but so are many of the other changes made over the course of the adaptation.

God will be gender-flipped
  • Whenever the true God is revealed bank on Rogen making the reveal be something that will catch the audience off guard. I wouldn't put it past him to do this kind of twist and it is a sure way for God to really get off the radar. Also it's a direct shout out to Dogma
    • Depending on how close they stick to the comics on that one, that may be a bad idea. Given that God in preacher is a vain, needy, selfish, self-centered coward, casting a female god in that light will almost certainly be met with cries of sexism.
    • The idea of God being antagonistic is just going to open a can of worms regardless of which gender. Since the series is straying far from the comic anyway God could be painted in a rather sympathetic light. That and I don't see Rogen giving a damn if viewers are too sensitive on that reveal.
    • Plus, since the series has been venturing from it's source material there is a strong possibility that God in this series may not be antagonistic. The best case scenario would be that God, much like the characters, is in the morally gray side of things and might be portrayed in a rather sympathetic light than the pathetic manner the comics painted him/her.

God will be play by a comedian, specifically an alternative comedian

Jesse's evil grandmother will be set up as a mid-season villain or a season finale villain

Donnie will be tortured and murdered by the Saint of Killers
  • It would be just too fitting: A Confederate fetishist dies horribly at the hands of an actual Confederate veteran.

Hitler's worst memory isn't what it seems
While its set up like our world's Hitler's memories, the series could subvert this by making it so Hitler was a pawn of The Grail, his date and the art dealer mentioned in the memory were the agents that recruited him.

Jesus was an impostor
  • The man who had sex and impregnated a woman prior to the crucifixion was another apostle impersonating Jesus, so that the real Jesus would not die on the cross. It's possible that the apostle who spoke to the woman and told her that he knew her secret (Thaddeus) was the real Jesus.
    • Given the strong resemblance, it's not that far fetched.
    • Obviously, he's the man most-mistaken for the Messiah: Brian.

The Caveman in hell is Cain
  • Cain's the world's first murderer so that could explain how the caveman got sent to hell.

Hitler's not as reformed as he appears

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