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  • The Saint of Killers killing an entire saloon (and possibly the entire town of Ratwater afterwards) full of scumbags, including the corrupt preacher who caused the death of his family.
  • Jesse's throwdown with the Torture Technician in "Viktor". Set to Uptown Girl of all things, which somehow makes it more badass.
  • Jesse completing his Batman Gambit in "Sokosha" by ordering the Saint of Killers to kneel, causing him to practically slam himself into the floor in his haste to obey. Seeing the thus-far unstoppable, terrifying Implacable Man suddenly helpless before Jesse is amazing! And that was after delivering on his promise to get the Saint a soul - within the span of an hour, no less. And that was after convincing the Saint to bargain with him in the first place. Really, this whole episode may just be Jesse's finest hour yet.
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  • How Herr Starr became head of The Grail was an impressive feat — he easily breezed through the initiation tests, beating (and outright killing a few) of his competition for the open spot of The Dragon. Then, after having his new boss explain everything to him, Starr calmly pushed the poor bastard off a balcony, taking over.
  • Jesse's escape from the Coffin is a sight to behold. After John Wayne gives him a kick in the ass, he proceeds to MacGyver a way out with a pick, a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and his clerical collar. He begins by scraping open a weak point in the coffin's wood to begin slowly flooding it, then uses a pack of Pilgrim's cigarettes to plug one of the tubes of the air cycling system keeping him breathing. He then stuffs the other tube with his wound up collar and a cigarette, which he proceeds to light. While the first one goes out too soon, the second works just fine, and as he submerges himself in water, the lit cig is sucked up into the tube, travelling all the way up to the cycling system, where the pure oxygen being pumped in promptly causes the coffin to explode. Definitely a high point in Jesse's character arc, as not only has he escaped physically, but also mentally, as fear of the coffin was the only thing that could keep Jesse from rebelling against Granma as a child. It's telling that with the coffin destroyed, Jesse stops making impotent threats and starts planning his and Tulip's escape far more actively.

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