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Fridge Brilliance

  • Tulip adopts a dog named "Brewski," a common slang word for beer. She got the dog for Cassidy to drink from.
  • If you're not familiar with the comic, then up until the 7/17 episode, Quincannon listening to recordings of the sounds of animals being slaughtered in the meat packing plant seems like just a symptom of madness. However, his reveal that he believes in the "God of Meat" means that he may actually consider this his time of worship.
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  • The Sheriff's frenzied expression as he strangles the life out of the Seraphim as a Mercy Kill is a pretty clear indication of the mental turmoil he's suffering from looking after his catatonic wife.
  • The reason it initially took so long for the Heaven Phone to actually make contact was probably because the angels were scrambling for a convincing God costume, green screen and everything.
  • Quincannon got his wish to destroy the church...just not in the way he wanted, as it was done by the explosion of the methane that had leaked from his power plant, and it took him with it.
  • In the second episode of the second season, while the Saint of Killers is on a rampage through the motel, a man missing his arm calmly walks to a soda dispenser. Jesse uses the Word to command him to be quiet, but it doesn't work. This seems odd, but given the man's obliviousness to everything else, including his own grievous injury, he was probably in delirious shock enough that he could not hear and comprehend Jesse.
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  • Remember in the Season 2 finale when the Dog Man was revealed to be God? Just spell "Dog" backwards and you get "God"!
  • Season 3 shows that Hoover is a pretty good singer and piano player, which is a bit of a surprise, but the first time we see Featherstone, she's undercover as a lounge singer. Grail agents are apparently trained in a variety of skills, such as music, to help their cover identities.
  • In Season 3, when a goat gets catapulted at the main characters, T.C. authoritatively rattles off some of its characteristics. A later scene has him invading a local goat farm to molest the livestock, and the cops' reaction suggests that this isn't the first time. T.C. has acquired quite an intimate knowledge of goats!


Fridge Horror

  • Imagine how chaotic Anneville could have been if it didn't get blown up?
  • Both mascots are seen hanging from the same tree after having committed suicide just moments prior to the town exploding in the finale, if they were otherwise good people (a bit doubtful in this town) then their suicide has just sealed their condemnation to hell. If they had delayed a bit longer they would have died and not have that mortal sin damning them.
  • So, who is gonna feed (or free) Ashleigh after Mike committed suicide to not get questioned by the Saint of Killers?
  • Jessie effectively sent Tulip to Hell. He didn't allow Cass to save her, and as she has robbed, killed, and had sex out of wedlock, it's unlikely she would make it into Heaven, regardless of whether the gates are open with God gone.
  • Jessie burned down the Tombs, but we never see him setting free the soulless slaves there.


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