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Michael Keaton is not the Vulture.
  • He seems to be in a labcoat and he would probably still be a prisoner.
    • Or... he's just the Vulture from another universe. Sony can't use the version from the MCU, but they can use the actor, so his backstory and suit (if he gets to have any) will be different.
      • Umm, the MCU Spider-Man films are co-productions with Sony. It's not that hard to believe they could have legal rights to keep the character whose film rights they still technically own.
      • Sony folks can't directly refer to MCU. MCU Toomes has a beef with Tony Stark and Damage Control and scavenges Chitauri tech, Ultron tech... that's a no-go since all of these belong to Marvel Studios. His backstory has to be different. Kevin Feige didn't allow Venom (2018) to connect, I doubt he changed his mind and plans on this one.
      • He could just never say "Tony Stark". Boom. Simple as that.
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    • A guy doesn't need to have a spotless criminal record to simply buy and put on a white coat. Besides, it looks a lot like his prisoner outfit from Homecoming.
      • His outfit looks way too much like a lab coat, plus he refers to Morbius as if they know each other. It's likely Keaton is playing an old partner of Morbius or something. It would be weird for a middle-class construction worker-turned black market arms dealer to have a history with a noted medical scientist.
    • If Sony is really trying to have this be adjacent to the MCU, it is possible Toomes somehow escaped the Raft or was released from it during the five year "Blip". Really...why else would they include him at all if he's not meant to resemble or be Toomes?
      • Marvel Studios and TV had Mariah Dillard and Miriam Sharpe as the same actress.
      • Miriam wasn't saved for the end of the Civil War trailer acting like she was Mariah.
      • Also, the casting of that actress was a complete coincidence by two enirely different casting departments.
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    • The marketing campaign may be trying to trick people into thinking it's the Vulture.
      • I think that's most likely the case, especially since no official source has confirmed the name of Keaton's character.

It will be a combination of Michael’s treatments and serums along with what he finds that causes his transformation.

The film will have no central Big Bad.
  • Morbius will just feed on normal criminals and the primary conflict will be Simon Stroud and the FBI hunting him down as a Hero Antagonist.

Michael Morbius will break up with his fiancée

Loxias Crown and/or Jared Harris's mentor character will turn out to be the villain

Tobey Maguire will make a cameo as Spider-Man.
  • If you'll notice, the Spider-Man poster on the wall with the graffiti over it features the Raimi trilogy Spider-Man. So perhaps Tobey (or even Andrew Garfield) will pop up as this universe's wall-crawling web-slinger.
  • Or maybe they used the Sam Raimi Spider-Suit as a placeholder because Sony still needs to have the okay from Marvel Studios to use the MCU Spider-Suit in the final cut.
    • The image being a placeholder is supported a bit by the fact that it's actually a screenshot from the PS4 game.

The in-universe reason why Tobey's Spider-Man is used for the graffiti despite Morbius appearing to be set in the MCU is because there are no good pictures of MCU!Spider-Man.
  • Unlike in other media, Peter has never worked for the Daily Bugle, couple that with Peter rejecting his chance to officially join the Avengers in Homecoming and him changing his look multiple times in Far From Home there hasn't really been a chance to get a clear, good look at the costume. Leaving the public to try to come up with what Spider-Man looks like from blurry video footage.
    • How about the appearance at the homeless shelter, there were clearly reporters and photographers.
      • Thats where the multiple costumes come in, at the homeless shelter Peter used the Iron Spider Armor, while the cardboard cut out used the "normal" look and later in Mysterio's video the newly made black variant of his "normal" costume creating a inconsistency that can cause confusion. Its also possible that the general public knows that the Iron Spider Armor is not his normal look considering Peter was active before meeting Tony and that some details of the battles against Thanos were shared with the public.
  • There's also this to consider; it's graffiti, so it doesn't have to be 100% accurate in-universe. In-universe, there's only one Spidey, so a street artist would just have to make it look "close enough" and people would understand who it's meant to be.

If this does take place in the Sam Raimi trilogy universe, what did Peter do to be labeled as a murderer?

The post-credits scene will feature Carnage again.
As a continuation to his scene from Venom (2018), Cletus somehow comes across the Carnage symbiote and bonds with it - but the context behind it will be revealed in the Venom sequel.
  • Now that the film has switched release order with Venom: Let There Be Carnage, any dependency that the film might've had regarding that order will likely be cut out.
Michael Keaton's Vulture will only appear in the post credits scene as a Sequel Hook
Every reference to the MCU will be a Missing Trailer Scene
There will be a cameo from Kraven the Hunter
The Jungle where Michael Morbius goes could be the home of Kraven the Hunter

Michael Keaton's possible role if he really is the Vulture
  • He wants to recruit Morbius and Venom (in Let There Be Carnage) as part of a team to help Spider-Man after Mysterio revealed his identity when he possibly spent years trying to keep it a secret. Similar to the Ultimate Six, which Spider-Man had to be a part of.

A Blade teaser
  • Could be a cameo, an in-universe reference, an end credits scene: something will point to Blade
    • That's very unlikely, since Sony does not have the rights to use Blade whatsoever. Even a subtle reference probably wouldn't be allowed, given that Marvel Studios couldn't even vaguely allude to the word "mutant" until the Fox buyout.

J. Jonah Jameson is going to cameo in this movie

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