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Lex Luthor murdered Superman several decades ago
Natasha Irons tells Luthor wrote the mysteries of the old world out of History and took the meaning from the symbols... like a "S"-shield sign that Kara Gordon is instantly drawn to.
  • Jossed: The ending of the story has Kara discover a capsule containing baby Kal-El, and it's finally revealed that she's been telling the whole story to him.

Lex is backed by Darkseid
Fact 1: Apokolips exists in this universe as proven by Big Barda. Fact 2: Luthor stuck a Mother Box inside Cyborg's chest. Fact 3: Luthor has mentioned a "benefactor".
  • I Knew It!: Confirmed in the last issue before the multi-part "Battle of the Freescape" finale. Also, Lex used Darkseid's power to actually cause the apocalypse.


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