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Awesome / Gotham City Garage

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  • Kara's flight. She manages to dodge Batman and a killing squad, hacks in several android soldiers OP to force them to breach the dome, leapts through the gap and flies off.
  • Six robot Gardeners surround Kara. Fighting them is suicide. Big Barda doesn't care.
    Natasha Irons: Throttle back.
    Big Barda: She needs out help.
    Natasha: Barda. I'm reading six Gardeners. That's suicide.
    Barda: There could be six hundred. She needs out help!
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  • And then Kara picks up an android's ripped arm and swats another robot with it.
  • Barbara Gordon lays a brutal beat-down on the Joker. Knowing her history in the canon universe makes it oh so satisfying even if this version of Joker is working for the heroes.
  • Natasha Irons managing to outsmart and kill the Blur aka this world's version of the Flash.
  • Barbara managing to kill the Bat as revenge for killing her father.
  • Kara and the rest of the Biker Gang managing to take down Luthor and leaving him alive to show him he was wrong about humanity despite everything he's done.


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