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I... I don't know. But here's some stuff I do. I know my whole life I've been looking for freedom under every sewer grate and in the pages of every contraband comic I could put my hands on. I know my dad broke the rules to save my life. I know Luthor and the Bat want me dead. I know I didn't just jump from wall. I flew. And I know you didn't save me just to put a bullet in my chest.
You want leave me to die, fine. I didn't ask for your help then, and I'm not asking now. But if you kill me— you'll be the one working for Luthor.

LISTEN UP, LOWLIFES! There was a city, once. Terrible weather, worse traffic. But it was special. Vibrant. The kind of dangerous that makes you sharp. A free city. Gears and oil. John Henry Irons built half the skyline. Good people like him called it home.
You know the rest. The devil paved over its soul. Filled it with little machines. The mysteries of the old world, things like this relic behind me? Luthor wrote the names out of History. Took the meaning from the smbols. But here, we remember.
Natasha Irons

Pain. Torment. Agony. Collapse. Then Granny would lift me up. And begin again.
Big Barda

NO. Do you remember what you told me, my first day on the job? We hurt those who would cause hurt. Hunt those who would be hunters.

Barbara Gordon: The truth or I drop you! Where the Hell is Kara Gordon? Where is she hiding? Why did she kill my father?!
Harley Quinn: Honey, I'm the one around here that's not supposed to be making any sense!

Oh, Puddin'. Nonsense is my specialty.
Harley Quinn


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