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  • This is a line you would never expect to hear from Commissioner James Gordon: "I'm saying go to Hell, Bruce. That's what I'm saying."
  • Kara Gordon and Jason Todd have the next exchange after the former tanks an energy blast:
    Jason: What... What are you?
    Kara: I'm super. And you're a suicidal idiot.
    Jason: Touché.
  • Barbara Gordon interrogates Harley.
    Barbara Gordon: The truth or I drop you! Where the Hell is Kara Gordon? Where is she hiding? Why did she kill my father?!
    Harley Quinn: Honey, I'm the one around here that's not supposed to be making any sense!
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  • Harley is aware of how crazy and awesome are her antics: "Nonsense is my specialty".
  • The next exchange between Kara and Dick Grayson is even funnier if you're aware that Post-Crisis Supergirl used to have a serious crush on Nightwing, and her Post-Flashpoint self seemed to like Jason Todd a bit but never acted on it because she was sick of "trouble" and "bad boys".
    Dick: And this one at the head of the pack, he's gaining on me with eyes ready to kill. It's Jason Todd— you know, the lifer? The kid raised in the gang?
    Kara: Yeah, we've met. He's cute.
    Dick: I'm cute. He's the kind of scum who thinks the word scum is a compliment.
  • This scene from the fourth issue.
    Dick: We've got one option— split up!
    Kara: But it''ll keep following one of us!
    Dick: Exactly!
    Kara: What? Come back, you complete and total dick!
    Dick: What can I say, it's in the name!
    Amazo: Targeting defector— Richard Grayson Alpha priority.
    Dick: Ah dang. Not how I saw that going at all.


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