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Nightmare Fuel / Gotham City Garage

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  • A world-scale cataclysm has brought human civilization down and turned the planet into a barren wasteland. The only standing city is virtually a walled prison ruled by a tyrant who puts chips in everyone's brains to eradicate their free will. Whoever steps out of line is dealt with swiftly and efficiently by enforcing soldiers and robots. All of which is led by Luthor's top dog, The Batman!
  • Whatever Lex Luthor did to Kara, it was "monstrous" enough to let James Gordon override his mind-controlling device and act.
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  • Big Barda's life back on Apokolips is easy to describe: she was hit and tortured until she collapsed. Then Granny lifted her up and it began again.
  • The Canyons of Clay. Clayface merged with the land and he doesn't suffer trespassers. When the group rides in the ravine, dozens of tendrils, hands, jaws and eyeless heads sprout from walls and ground and start chasing after them, howling "This valley is not for your kind, Skinwalkers".
  • Lex Luthor's comment when he first met Harley Quinn which later encouraged her to become the Cloud Cuckoolander to reject Luthor's regime: "I apologize for the spectacle, but I've got a very full schedule today. Battles to win, furnaces to feed."
  • Darkseid in this verse is apparently the Ultimate Evil whose appearance manifests in an Omega symbol made up of souls screaming in torment only repeating "Darkseid Is". Luthor is terrified of it, refers to it as his boss, and is reduced to tears at its presence. Catwoman who was nearby at the time recoiled in fear of Darkseid's presence and the thought of Him coming to Earth was enough for Catwoman to immediately plan to commit suicide to prevent that from happening.


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