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Heartwarming / Gotham City Garage

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  • James Gordon found Kara and took her in, saving her from Lex Luthor in spite of the "ridealongs" in his head. Even in a Crapsack World ruled by a tyrant, Commissioner Gordon will do the right thing.
  • Big Barda doesn't want Kara to tag along when she's doing a heist. At the beginning it looks like Barda doesn't like or trust her, but it's because Barda thinks Kara is an innocent girl who deserves a better life.
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  • Kara discovers her super-strength by lifting a truck for first time. Her expression as she holds it up is so utterly giddy and happy it warms up the heart.
  • It looked like the Bat had sucessfully turned Barbara against her sister when Harley Quinn of all people shatters Barbara's preconceptions by simply revealing the truth.


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