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The Montague and Capulet neighbors are the arguing couple from Featherstone's Flash Back.
They sold the house and moved in next door to each other, each with their own gardens.
  • If they were, wouldn't the female flamingo have been in one of the yards?
  • I assumed this was the case when I watched it.
    • Same here. I think it makes sense, because of the crossed out "2B". why else would they have another 2b there?
  • The sequel starts by them moving together in the same house. It's not 100% true, but quite likely.

Mrs Montague is Hyacinth Bucket
Similar silhouette, trademark blue wig, similar taste in decor... Maybe she's remarried? Or that's her sister Violet.

Gnomeo and Juliet takes place in the same universe as Toy Story.
Only makes sense, especially with Toy Story 2 confirming that lawn gnomes are alive in the Toy Story universe.

Gnomeo and Juliet are both replacement gnomes
Hence the Disappeared Dad / Missing Mom. Gnomeo and Juliet are identical to the smashed (or otherwise damaged) gnomes they replaced, but since they're younger than most of the gnomes in the garden, and most likely have different personalities, they're considered "offspring" by the other gnomes.

Miss Montague and Mr. Capulet aren't really named that.
I mean, come on. They live in Stratford-Upon-Avon, in goofy-looking adjoining houses, with bizarre color-coded lawns, and their mailboxes read "2B" and "2B" crossed out ("not 2B")? They're a couple of gimmicky, fun Shakespeare/gardening geeks whose house is a minor tourist attraction. They go by "Montague" and "Capulet" for obvious readings and keep their personas up with arguing and friendly competition.

The arguing couple were Miss Montague and Mr. Capulet's respective parents.
After they broke up, they had kids with other people. The kids were taught that their parent's exes were the enemy, and they grew up helping their mom and dad maintain their competing gardens. Eventually, they realized how ridiculous the feud was and moved in next door to one another so that they could poke fun at the feud with epic gardens full of color-coded lawn gnomes and Shakespeare references.

Miss Montague and Mr. Capulet are a married couple.
Those "adjoining" houses don't necessarily have a wall between them...
  • Maybe not in the first film, but in the sequel, it turn out to be the case (if not, they must be dating), as they move in together in the same house. Thus their relationship in the first movie can be seen under a brand new light...

The Mercutio gnome got smashed by Tybalt long ago.
Why did Tybalt decide to beat him up? Well, think about it. Benvolio-gnome's name? "Benny". Mercutio-gnome's name? "Cutey."

His last words were, "A plague a' both your houses! I have it, and soundly too!"

Nope. Word of God says Gnomeo is a Composite Character of both Romeo and Mercutio.

WMG 1 by ajmax8462: The gnomes were purchased/made by Mann Co., meaning that the movie takes place in the Team Fortress 2 universe
The two owners are hired by either RED or BLU, depending on their last names. Therefore, the gnomes copy their mercenary 9 classes, but to justify the truce at the end, they found out their manufacturer is the same (Mann Co.).

WMG 2: Team Fortress 2 takes place in the Portal universe, justifying errors in the above WMG
Therefore, Paris on RED was uploaded to... Wheatley.

The little red gnomes are the most evil characters in the movie
Notice haw after Tybalt gets broken, they immediately want to smash Gnomeo, and later, they try to stop Gnomeo from rescuing Juilet.

This movie and Strange Magic are part of a movie trilogy
The "Disney-Disowned Shakespeare Fantasy Romance Movie" trilogy. The third one will come out in either 2018 or 2019.

A gnome version of Moriarty is the villain of Sherlock Gnomes
He will be a lost/thrown out gnome with a Dark and Troubled Past who has somehow managed to organise the theft of the other gnomes.

  • Confirmed although there's a twist.

The Cast of Cuphead will appear in the 3rd movie
They would make appearances either lawn Ornaments or Toys.

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