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Headscratchers / Gnomeo and Juliet

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  • If Tybalt is put back together despite being smashed, how come they could not re-assemble Gnomeo's dad or Juliet's mom?
    • Maybe they were smashed too much, like into powder? Still, this leaves a lot of questions about why everyone took Tybalt's temporary death so badly, or why Benny's hat can't be fixed as well.
    • The glue got discovered by the gnomes after Tybalt got smashed. They thought he would be irreparable before they found it. In theory, they could probably reassemble the Missing Mom and Disappeared Dad, but the pieces of them have already been thrown out by Mr. Montague and Miss Capulet.
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    • Tybalt seems to be Mr. Capulet's favorite. He would repair him but might not bother with others.
  • How do gnomes have children, anyway? After all, Gnomeo has a mum and Juliet has a dad.
    • Perhaps they were just "newer" gnomes, and they essentially get adopted by the older gnomes
      • Or they could have been made as a set, like how some doll families are.
  • What is Gnomeo's real hair color? He has blond hair, black eyebrows, and a white beard.
    • He's a garden gnome. All his colors are just paint.

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