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Funny / Gnomeo and Juliet

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  • In the prologue, the gnome at the beginning states that the following story, "Has been told. A lot. And it's about to be told again. But different."
  • One of the lawnmowers has a laser sight and rocket boosters. Why? Because it's extreme.
  • The Terrafirminator advert, which bascially takes a leaf out of Powerthirst's book, with bonus point for being voiced by Hulk Hogan. "IT'S UNNECESSARILY POWERFUL! NOW WITH 75% MORE POWER!"
    • "MEOW!"
  • Benny tiptoeing by in his daisy costume, getting a weird look from Gnomeo, who just spent the last couple seconds getting suited up for their stealth mission.
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  • This exchange:
    Juliet: He's a blue!
    Gnomeo: She's a red!
    Featherstone: And I am PINK! Who cares?
  • Pretty much anytime Nanette is onscreen. Like this gem.
    Juliet: If dad asks, tell him I'm washing my my hair.
    Nanette: I'm washing my hair...I don't have hair! He'll know it's a lie!
    Juliet: No, MY hair!
    Nanette: Got it! I'm washing your hair!
    Nanette: ...Blue...
  • The Shakespeare statue's reaction on seeing the mushroom cloud rise in the distance: "Ha! Told you so!"
  • Juliet's father angrily announces that the next time he sees a Blue, he'll be sleeping with the fishes. Cut to Gnomeo sitting in the bottom of a pond, surrounded by fishes.
  • Featherstone informing Gnomeo that he checked Shroom for a nose.


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