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Sherlock made a fortune in the stock market when he was younger.
Holmes has come from a rich family. But, he might use a small amount of funds to invest in companies that he deduced will become huge.
  • In the season 2 premiere, we found out Mycroft invested in some restaurants and businesses; it stands to reason Sherlock would do something similar.

Moriarty's employing Irene as a forger.
  • She's still painting when Sherlock discovers she's alive, but is clearly slumming it in the house she's at. Moriarty made a deal with her to spare Sherlock's life in exchange for her permanent employment as a member of his organization. Being a Magnificent Bastard, Moriarty observed that her "death" would derail Sherlock anyway, and figuring that he could always play Holmes as a violin and make money off of Irene, Moriarty avoids Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? because of Money, Dear Boy.
    • Jossed.

O'Brien, the suspect from "You Do It To Yourself", is Moriarty
  • Sherlock's reaction to him at the end of the episode after working so hard to get him cleared of the crime was extremely out of place.
    • Jossed.

Marcus Bell is Moriarty
My reasoning:
  • The writers will most likely do what Sherlock did, make Moriarty someone who's already appeared in the show before being properly introduced
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  • Something wasn't quite right about the phone call he took in Sherlock's apartment.
  • The fact that he doesn't quite fit into the typical Sherlock Holmes mythos. Typically, the detective working with Lestrade will be cynical of Sherlock's motives (Anderson and Donovan, for example); aside from a brief moment in episode 1, Marcus has almost no skepticism of Sherlock's methods.
    • Arguably, they could have just given the 'Anderson and Donovan' aspect to Gregson and made Marcus the one who often agrees with Sherlock
  • Jossed.

This version of Moriarty will be related to the Westies.
  • Moriarty is an Irish surname and the Westies are an Irish gang that operates in New York City.
    • Jossed.

Adam Kemper will become Moriarty.
  • We saw his Start of Darkness in "Child Predator." He's a sociopath, he's brilliant, and we've already seen him fool Holmes once. He even says at the end that he'll be out of prison soon enough and Holmes will see him again.
    • "M" reveals that Moriarty has existed for several years prior to the beginning of the series, but Adam Kemper could always become a copycat Moriarty...
      • Jossed.

Moriarty will not be an Evil Brit on this show.
  • Instead he will be an evil Yank to contrast with the classic formula.
    • Possibly Jossed; the man claiming to be Moriarty has a British accent.
    • Played with. Even bigger spoilers: Irene IS Moriarty, but Irene Adler identity is American. Moriarty is British. She was just pretending to be American

"Mycroft" is Sherlock's sister.
  • Possibly not named Mycroft. Speculation comes from the fact that Jonny Lee Miller has a tattoo that says "Mother Father Sister Brother". This has been seen on-screen. Of course, it's also possible that Sherlock has a brother Mycroft and a sister. Enola Holmes anyone?
    • Jossed. Mycroft is played by Rhys Ifans in season 02.

Irene Adler was a cop who underwent a Face–Heel Turn.
  • She and Sherlock may have had a working relationship similar to Gregson's relationship to him and she probably betrayed his trust and turned to a life of crime. He went spiraling down because she was an excellent cop and he couldn't fathom why she'd turn to crime.
    • Jossed. The events of "Risk Management" reveal she was an artist.

Moriarty had nothing to do with Irene's "death."
  • Like the source material, she herself is a skilled criminal and will be the first person to outsmart Sherlock Holmes. She faked her own death for some reason and unknowingly got Holmes targeting Moriarty after Moriarty targeted Holmes. The reason Moriarty spared Holmes? The ability to continually sic Holmes on his employees if they fail him. No one said caution was a common virtue of the Diabolical Mastermind.
    • Jossed, since Moriarty and Irene are the same person.

Mycroft will be revealed to be morbidly obese.
He could still be able to control the British government but he would be housebound and be surrounded by servants and physicians.
  • Jossed. Rhys Ifans is thin as paper, though from comments made by Holmes, Mycroft had been obese before a serious illness caused him to lose a considerable amount of weight.

Irene faked her death as part of a deal with Moriarty to spare Holmes
  • Gottlieb revealed in "A Landmark Story" that Moriarty hired him to kill Holmes, but then abruptly called it off, the only time Moriarty ever did that with Gottlieb. Perhaps Irene figured out that Moriarty was targeting Holmes and made the deal with Moriarty.
    • Jossed.

Moriarty will drug Holmes.
  • Related to the above theory that Moriarty will force Sherlock to relapse. What if the two finally meet, and Moriarty gets the upper hand, drugging Holmes with cocaine/heroin/whatever other drugs Holmes used to take?
    • Jossed.

Dr. Candace Reed, Watson's therapist, is Irene Adler/Moriarty.
  • She's turned up in several episodes so far, her actress (Linda Emond) has been given And Starring billing in the individual episodes' guest starring credits, and we know next to nothing about her. Reed could very well be a Chekhov's Gunman, someone who'll turn out to be more important than she now seems. The most likely candidates remain Irene Adler, or Moriarty, or both if the Irene-is-Moriarty theory is true. She might be playing Watson's therapist so she can check up on Holmes. If she is Irene and not Moriarty, she could be doing this out of benevolent concern for her former lover. If she's Moriarty/both-Irene-and-Moriarty/Irene-as-a-guilty-crook-who's-not-Moriarty-but-still-evil, her intentions could be more malevolent.
    • And if none of those pan out, she could always be someone who works for Moriarty, with much of the malevolent possibilities still there.
      • Jossed. Reed is not Adler or Moriarty.

Kathryn Drummond is Moriarty.
  • Think of it. Drummond manipulated evidence in the Martin Ennis case so it would fit her profile of him. So what if she tries to do the same to Sherlock, just on a larger scale? In "The Deductionist", Drummond predicted Sherlock's self-destruction. So what if she tries to push him into that direction in order to make her predictions come true? And what better method would there be than to kill his beloved Irene Adler and send him on a drug and revenge trip? Also, Irene Adler, the woman Sherlock loved, already contradicts Drummond's claim that Sherlock is incapable of having authentic relationships with other people long before Joan Watson even appears on the stage. Definitely another motive for Drummond to kill her and let her disappear from the views as "just another" M victim.
    • Jossed.

  • Both Moriarty and M. Holmes communicate with their employees solely through text messaging. M. Holmes is distant, yet manipulative, seemingly playing The Chessmaster. Plus, both characters are introduced in the episode "M". Most likely, "Moriarty" is the nom du crime he uses to interact with his criminal empire and his real name is Mycroft.
    • Jossed.

In contrast to Sherlock's Moriarty, Elementary's shall be decidedly less obsessed with Holmes.
  • The initial murder of Irene was a calculated move to throw Sherlock off his game and into drugs so he would stop investigating the murders. When Sherlock failed to be completely destroyed by the drugs (either through overdose or permanent addiction and fall into obscurity) and begins re-emerging in New York, Moriarty planned a pretty brilliant Xanatos Gambit that was upset just barely. By sending Moran into Sherlock's turf and ensuring their collision course, Moriarty hoped to have Holmes kill a loose end and get himself thrown into jail for murder if he didn't get killed by Moran himself. This only fails because Holmes is "not an average man," and neither is Moran. So instead, of actually eliminating his greatest foe, Moriarty has given Holmes his first real clue as to his existence. This suggests that instead of being a bored criminal consultant like Sherlock's Moriarty, this Moriarty is more of a business-like mastermind.
    • This would also explain the working arrangement between Moriarty and Moran. The people he had Moran kill probably stood in the way of Moriarty's criminal enterprise somehow.
      • Jossed. While the speculation of trying to throw Sherlock off his game is true, in this series Moriarty is Irene, and she loves Holmes in spite of herself. And just as Irene used Holmes' feelings against him, Watson realizes this and uses the same gambit to defeat her.

Moriarity is "Le Chevalier" from "The Leviathan"
  • Stay with me here. Moriarity is "Le Chevalier". Not the guy that Holmes and Watson recovered the loot from, but the guy who approached the member of the original crew and bought the secret, using the alias "Le Chevalier". The true Chevalier obviously wasn't behind the copycat crime, having been in the hospital at the time, but assuming the guy in prison wasn't lying his ass off, someone did approach him and buy the secret. Using a fake name that belongs to a legendary thief? Buying the secret to cracking a supposedly uncrackable safe? Tell me that doesn't sound like a Moriarity-ish thing to do.
    • Sounds right. Why take the time to say a "Le Chevalier" contacted them? The man seemed honest. When Moriarty does show up, this will be a call-back.
      • Jossed. Even though Moriarty has similarities with Le Chevalier (both are art thieves), it only works as Foreshadowing.

Moran will make a recovery in the Second Season
Not only that, he'll come gunning for Moriarty, leading into an Enemy Mine situation with Holmes.
  • Jossed, at least for now. As far as we know, Moran is still comatose.


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