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Saya's Eye will never heal, is the price of a wish: to become capable of killing humans
  • Jossed, by the last shot in the movie trailer after episode 12. Unless we're looking at a reflection, for some reason.
    • Apparently, her eye is entirely healed. Though in the manga, she's shown wearing a bandage over her eye and removes when she's in Watanuki's shop.

Fumito will use saya`s blood for military purposes.
  • Jossed. He used it to convert humans into Elder Bairns. And he has no connection to the military.

Saya is Saya from Blood+ under a different last name.
This is hinted at by the brief flashes of what looks like her fighting Chiropterans.
  • Jossed.

The teacher is an Elder Bairn
She did know the story, or at least one ridiculously close.
  • Jossed. Kanako was a researcher looking to publish Saya's story.

The Twins didn't really come Back from the Dead
Kinda obvious.
  • Yup. They were never dead to start with.

Tokizane knows about Saya and the Elder Bairns
This is why he is so protective of her.
  • He does, she told him on episode 8, then he died on episode 10.
  • He knew the whole time, as did everyone else in town.

Elder Bairns and humans come from the same source
Their name means Elder Children, which may mean that they are humanity's "older sibling"
  • In episode 6 one of the twins does become a monster

Saya is a Vampire which is why her eyes glow red
This is also hinted at when we see increasing amounts of shots of her blood cells.
  • Nope. She's an Elder Bairn.

The dog is an Elder Bairn
He does seem to watch over Saya in at least one of her battles, and causes a reaction in her.
  • Jossed. He's some sort of

Saya's mother was an Elder Bairn
She fought the Elder Bairn and her daughter is definitely not normal.
  • Jossed. She never existed to begin with.

The Elder Bairns are not born with blood
Every Elder Bairn on the show, despite their various forms, always bleed red blood like Humans. One would think that one or two of them could easily have black green or even purple blood. Because blood is perhaps the most nutritious part of the human body for the Elder Bairns, it's possible that the copious geysers of crimson they spurt everywhere when killed is actually the blood of their victims. So in other words they must ingest Human blood in order have blood themselves.

Saya has amnesia
Pretty simple, we see her trying to catch a light in her mind, that later looks like a sword and is accompanied by flashbacks to someone fighting Elder Bairns.
  • Confirmed. Her memory was being suppressed by whatever Fumito was putting in her coffee.

Saya's mother didn't fight Elder Bairns
It was just Saya before she lost her memories.
  • Episode 6 suggests that her memories weren't lost, so much as removed or hidden by her father. He managed to put her to sleep with a simple hand gesture.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Saya's memories were suppressed by Fumito, not Tadayoshi, and she has been fighting Elder Bairns for a long time.

Saya's dad is manipulating her to a evil purpose.
He does love her, but he believes it is for the greater good.
  • He was a helpless pawn to Fumito, just like Saya.

Fumito-san behind the whole plot.
Or... he's on the bad guys's side.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 12.

Saya isn't actually her father's daughter.
She is being raised as a weapon, she was found similarly to Blood+!Saya, she's her dad's Replacement Goldfish for his wife.
  • Semi-confirmed. She's not Tadayoshi's child, but he never had a wife to begin with, and she wasn't raised by him.

Yuka is Saya's sister queen.
A scene in the OP makes her seem to know more than she lets on.
  • Yeah, episode 9 pretty much put that one to rest. And put Yuka to rest with it.
    • Episodes 11 and 12 bring the possibility back, especially when Yuka said that she looks young enough for her age to act as a high school girl when she's old enough to be involved in politics.

Yuka's on the bad guys's side.
Like the above WMG.
  • As said above, she's dead. She wasn't on the bad guys side.
    • Episode 11 reveals she wasn't really dead, and WAS working with the bad guys.

Saya's teacher is researching her.
A lá Dr. Julia from Blood+, she said that, in that school, she had a chance to research something she wouldn't be able to see anywhere else, all this while talking to Saya.
  • Confirmed by Kanako herself.

Tokizane has another form - the dog.
That's why he is also constantly fatigued and late to class.
  • That would be impossible, since in episode 4, they would be in the same scene, it can also be Fumito or the Teacher though...
    • Actually, they're not. If you look closely the dog disappears right before Saya falls from the tree, followed by Tokizane cushioning her fall at the bottom of the tree. A stretch because of location, yes, but doesn't rule him out...
  • Jossed. Tokizane said Bye-Bye in episode 10.
    • With him being offed for real in episode 12, and the dog appearing again, he definitely wasn't the dog.
  • Since it starts to talk it's pretty obvious the dog is Watanuki from xxxHOLiC.

If the singing starts again, run!
No, not for the obvious reasons. Saya is eventually going to lose control. It's pretty much guaranteed. And, when that happens, she will become a happy cheerful schoolgirl... who likes to kill people. And she WILL sing her happy song.
  • Unlikely, considering how different Saya becomes when her memory returns at the end.

Saya will be forced to kill all her friends.
They will all slowly become monsters, until she has to kill them.
  • Jossed, considering only one ultimately survives, and they were never her friends in the first place.

The dog is actually
  • A part of Saya's subconscious trying to warn her.
  • A fox.
  • Saya's mother.
  • The Dimension Witch.
  • A Witch; take your pick of which.
    • The extended trailer for the movie shows Watanuki, making him almost confirmed to be the dog.

The Nene scene was a Puella Magi Madoka Magica Shoutout.
Nene's death scene was a Shout-Out to Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica, they were both killed in the Wham Episode for shock value, both died the same way and the name MOTOE is an anagram of TOMOE.

The show is a direct continuation of Blood: The Last Vampire
As Saya's visions become more and more clear, we see images of a train car getting splattered with blood, along with flashes of what is clearly a chiropteran. I posit that these are flashbacks from the opening scene of Blood: The Last Vampire.
  • Extremely likely considering the final episodes and that scene at what seems to be the base.

The Elder Bairns feed on fear.
Why is it that Itsuki survived the attack on the school? Because, unlike everyone else, he fought back.
  • He didn't die because he wasn't an extra.

The Guimave Saya eats had blood in it
Fumito mentions that its color is based on whats in it, and Saya seems to like them an awful lot....
  • The coffee is rather suspect too. I don't think Saya's father drinks different coffee from hers because it's decaf. I think his is deblood.
    • Confirmed by Fumito.

Saya's father is a vampire/ elder bairn.
The cuts on Fumito's arm is from being fed on
  • The Elder bairn also seem to be on a First-Name Basis with him and haven't tried attacking him when he's alone so far. The one in ep 10 completely ignored him standing 3 feet away but immediately went after Tokizane.
    • Confirmed. He was a half-human half-Elder Bairn hybrid.
    • Also, Episode 12 reveals that he's been controlling the monsters with Saya's blood, meaning that they won't attack unless he tells them to.

Blood-C is a prequel to Claymore
  • Fumito's experiments with Saya's blood do not end with this story. Ultimately, more half-human-half-monsters will be created with the large collection that he's hidden away and the most successful ones will become the first Claymores.
    • Unlikely but technically possible.

The town the series takes place in has some sort of ancient history with human sacrifice.
  • Once the "Truman Show" Plot is revealed and the townspeople are actually actors, the fact that so many deaths occur make it seem too suspect.
  • The movie reveals that Fumito's family were the ones who made the pact for only a certain amount of humans a year. The other purpose of the town, besides brainwashing Saya, is using the actors as the offering to the Elder Bairns. Fumito's men prevent any people from leaving in episode 12 by gunning them down, either to keep the secret of the experiment or honor the agreement by leaving 'bodies' for the Elder Bairns to eat.
  • Jossed Fumito was also controlling all the Elder Bairns Saya fought during the series. The movie reveals his other plan besides brainwashing Saya was to turn humans into Elder Bairns and/or control Elder Bairns. So what was the purpose of having Elder Bairns complain about the Pact being broken? Yes, they were brainwashed, but it seems humans no longer have to offer sacrifices to them anymore. It does put Fumito's obsession and evil on a whole new level. He basically dooms a large number of actors simply because he can.

Blood-C is a Stealth Sequel
The options would be:
  • Blood: The Last vampire
  • Blood: The last vampire (Live-Action adaption)
  • Blood+ (Anime)
  • Blood+ (Manga)
  • Noir (Why not?)
    • It seems to be cautious enough to not contradict any other Blood continuity despite the shift from Chiropterans to Elder Bairns (Or more accurately, fancy-named Youkai). The show avoids to adress Blood+ in any way but it's final resolution and the open ending Blood+ had both allow for a retconning (I.E.: Blood-C is a future in which Saya has awaken from one of her 30-year slumbers and has been left alone). Likewise, the final episodes show Saya with her outfit from The Last Vampire battling Fumito and his army while in a wild state, which can be connected to the original movie.
    • Though the movie somehow makes the continuity vague. Fumito is not really connected to Red Shield since his clan and his cousin's clan are in charge of keeping the Elder Bairns from going into extinction as opposed to Red Shield's goals which is to eliminate them (due to the humanity's error of seeking immortality). But again, it was never explain why Fumito's clan want to keep the Elder Bairns alive, how he meets Saya in the first place or why he's interested in her.

The writer wanted to destroy the franchise with the last two episodes.
I mean, what the hell, writer?! You bring up that twist just to Kill Them All?! This is super Nightmare Fuel! Even Hiroya Oku would believe you are overdoing it.


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