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  • Banned in China: In 2015, the Chinese government’s Ministry of Culture began prohibiting violent and vulgar animes in the country with Blood-C as the prime example due to a "particularly bloody" beheading scene that would cause "extreme discomfort".
  • Casting Gag: Voice actors Keiji Fujiwara (Tadayoshi Kisaragi) and Kenji Nojima (Fumito Nanahara) previously played in Blood+. Fujiwara voiced Nathan Mahler, one of Diva's Chevalier, and hilariously enough, Tadayoshi happens to be half-human hybrid too. Nojima voiced Karman, one of the artificial chiropterans designed as super soldiers, and also hilariously enough in the movie, Fumito is also creating artificial Elder Bairns though not for military purposes.
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  • Franchise Killer: The mixed-to-negative reception and low BD/DVD sales of the show nearly killed the Blood franchise. The movie attempted to fix the damage which also received funding from the Japanese government. The reception is still polarizing though many agreed that it's better than the TV series and it got some modest BD/DVD sales. However, it flopped in the Japanese box office. Five years later, an Interquel entitled Blood-C: The Last Mind was released in a form of theater play written by Junichi Fujisaku who is co-writer of Blood-C and Blood+ and live-action film which is a prequel was released in August 2017. The stage play was received well which led for the production of the live-action film. However, the live-action film didn't earned much money in the Japanese box office (as it was released at the same time as the blockbuster superheroine movie Wonder Woman and the historical war epic film, Sekigahara) and was criticized for being more of a stage play than an actual movie. In the end, Production I.G don't have plans for any new anime adaptation of Blood in the future.
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  • I Knew It!: Many viewers had already figured out that Fumito is indeed drugging Saya with coffee and marshmallows which resulted to her memory loss and is the mastermind behind the events of the show since he is the one narrating during Saya's flashbacks.
  • No Export for You: The live-action films never had an international release except for Thailand that only got Asura Girl.
  • What Could Have Been: CLAMP initially wanted to design the Elder Bairns as Lovecraftian Eldritch Abomination, but director Tsutomu Mizushima thought it would be too boring and changed them to the wildly diverse, yokai-like beings in the final product.

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