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Apocalypse will address the antichrist plot from Murder House...
... and Evan Peters will be playing an adult version of the child Tate conceived with Vivien, who just so happens to be the former's identical son.
  • Yes, Michael Langdon will appear. No, he will not be played by Evan Peters. He will be played by Cody Fern.

Constance will be Back for the Dead
Considering that Jessica Lange has been confirmed to appear for one episode and similar thing happened to Marcie and Queenie in Hotel.
  • Jossed somewhat in episode 7, when Behold & Madison returned to Murder House, it's revealed that Constance killed herself in the house so she would be with three of her deceased children. So whilst she's back, she's not back from the dead

Kit Walker's children will appear
The aliens helped create them so they could eventually oppose Michael Langdon.

This will be a much bigger crossover than people expect
This could actually be possible! Instagram teasers have recently been released featuring burnt down versions of the Freak Show building from [1] and the Hotel Cortez from [2]. This could hint that characters from those seasons could make an appearance in this season.

This will be the final season of AHS.

  • Jossed, The ninth and tenth seasons have already been ordered.

Apocalypse is set in the present day, but things aren't what they seem
The apocalypse that we see? It isn't in the "real" world of modern day cities and such; it's set in limbo, heaven, and hell. All the characters are dead and there or are haunting places on Earth. Michael's age disparity? He was slain as a baby on Earth, and now his fully adult, evil spirit is destroying the barriers between hell and Earth. It'll be up to deceased characters to stop him.
  • Likely jossed as Cordelia and Zoe are still alive (as is Stevie Nicks) and all three have been confirmed to be returning. Unless Cordelia and Zoe died, it's likely jossed.

The Apocalypse either isn't real or The Coven manages to do something to reverse it.
Okay, we know that this isn't the final season and since Hotel had segments taking place in 2022 (and arguably even further than that since we see an adult Scarlett near the end) that this means that this can't actually be the "true" apocalypse or the Coven manages to somehow use their combined strength to reverse it. Either way, I definitely think it's safe to say the Coven, Cordelia especially, have a big hand in either reverse, pausing or even preventing the apocalypse.
  • Confirmed Mallory uses her powers to go back in time to 2015 to kill Michael before he gets too powerful

The nuclear exchange is a hoax perpetrated by the Cooperative
The whole thing is really just a psychological experiment being carried out by the Cooperative. There are no other outposts, and the world rest of the world is continuing on as normal.
  • Jossed

It's possible that Venable knows this, but just as likely that she's a subject of the experiment as well. Coco's father is likely in on the hoax, and has volunteered his vapid daughter as a lab rat (possibly intending the same fate for his son.)

  • Except we saw the mushroom cloud outside the plane.
  • It being an experiment would certainly explain why there's an image of a microscope peering down on a community in the opening credits, though. Possibly the events of the pilot episode were implanted memories or hallucinations.

Tim and Emily are Kit Walker's (from American Horror Story: Asylum) descendants/grandchildren
  • In Asylum, Dr. Arden does theorize that the aliens are experimenting with some form of eugenics. Given that Timothy and Emily are supposed to have perfect genetic makeups, it's entirely possible that one or both of their parents came from the aliens.

Cordelia will die
Perhaps in a Heroic Sacrifice to save the world.
  • Confirmed, Cordelia sacrifices herself to ensure Mallory ascended to Supreme and gained enough power to reverse time.

Lady Gaga will return this season
Probably not, as she’s busy filming a movie.

Mr. Gallant is a relative to Andy Warhol
Played by Evan Peters and flamboyant, that’s where the similarities end but it would explain Mr. Gallant and his grandmother’s wealth.

Outpost 3 is another 'haunted house,' like the Murder House and Aztec Hotel.
And most of the “gray” servants are ghosts.
  • Jossed: it's a former Warlock school

Emily and Timothy really don’t have “something special” in their DNA.
They were just chosen at random- in a sense, winning a lottery- from the selection of men (Timothy) and the selection of women (Emily) whose DNA was on data. Explains why no explanation is given to the characters as to what exactly makes their DNA so important and as to why Timothy’s younger brother supposedly isn’t a match as well. It might have been narrowed down to who was able to produce children though.

Timothy and Emily have warlock/witch ancestry
And it’s somehow detectable via DNA.
  • Seemingly jossed When Cordelia, Madison and Myrtle arrive at the compound, they search for their "sisters" who turn out to be Mallory, Dinah, and Coco. We can then assume Tim and Emily aren't witches
    • Although the next episode reveals that Mallory and Coco were enrolled at the Academy and Cordelia knew them, having put a memory erasing spell on them to protect them, and some dialogue implies that the witches knew Dinah before, which might mean that the witches weren’t using some kind of witchcraft to “sense” who had powers, but were simply finding the people they knew were witches.
      • Definitely jossed they weren't magical; they were just the parents of the next anti-christ

Rubber Man is Tate Langdon again.
And for some reason he's decided that having sex with a man who looks just like him is a good idea. Tate is going to appear again this season.
  • Possibly jossed Tate is still in the Murder House. It's more than likely the Rubber Man was Michael. We see him wearing the outfit when he was younger in episode 7

Michael brought both the snakes and the Rubber Man into the Outpost with him.
Why would he need to travel in a carriage if he'd undertaken the journey alone? He could have ridden horseback if he'd come by himself, but he needed the vehicle to house the container of snakes and his passenger, who slipped inside to plant the snakes in Emily's room while Miriam was leading the horses to the clifftop and the Outpost guards were busy escorting Michael through decontamination.

The Cooperation isn't what it appears
Mead's stomach wound makes one question if the character is even human. Perhaps this is linked to the Cooperation's real goal and the apocalypse is actually just an excuse to draw real humans into the mix.

What we've seen so far is a prophecy being predicted by the Coven witches.
So far, what we've seen takes place in 2019, but parts of Hotel take place later than that. The season so far is a prophecy of a possible future that witches are seeing and which Michael Langdon could bring about if he isn't stopped in infancy.

Mead is an android like Ash & Bishop from the Film/Alien film series
The wound looked like it had some kind of white fluid like their "blood"
  • Confirmed, Mead was created by the cooperative and Michael Langdon to be completely loyal to him. She was given a fake life history and imprinted with the memories and feelings of the Satanist who took care of Michael.

Tate Langdon will have his return set to Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
Michael made his return set to "Tonight You Belong to Me", the Coven witches made their return set to "She's a Rainbow", why not have this be the next step?
  • Or "Come As You Are" by the same band, in reference to Freak Show.
  • Jossed, since Tate was introduced without music.

It'll be revealed that Madison —not Emma Roberts— portrayed Chanel #1 on Scream Queens...
And Mallory was her assistant at some point.
  • Alternatively or additionally, maybe Mallory played Chanel #3...

The witches will turn back time...
But they need more spell power. Cordelia kept her sight power and can see who has power (Dinah, Mallory) and ones with potential (Coco).
  • Somewhat confirmed, Cordelia knows Mallory is the only one with the power to turn back time.

Emily is the missing older daughter of Lee Harris from Roanoke
Lee discusses her missing daughter Emily in one of her talking heads, and this season's Emily's lack of last name, not much being known about her, her being about the right age given the timeframe, being the same ethnicity and of course, because it would help connect to previous seasons than just Murder House and Coven would all make sense for her to be Lee's daughter.

Mallory isn't a witch- or at least that's not all she is
  • She's an angel or a nephilim. Myrtle remarks that she assumed the world would end with ice and fire, and those are exactly the powers that Michael and Mallory, respectively, exhibited- which might hint that Mallory will be the leading force against Michael. Her being in some way angelic would heighten the good vs evil battle between them.
    • Her protectiveness of Coco despite the latters.... personality flaws.... might be a hint that Mallory is a guardian angel, perhaps Coco’s specifically.
  • She's destined to be a sacrifice. The name Mallory means 'unfortunate one,' so maybe she will be needed to die or otherwise suffer in order for Michael to be stopped, or Michael needs to kill her to complete the apocalypse.
    • Maybe she's a daughter of God, and needs to die for the Antichrist to be conquered like God's previous child Jesus died to save humanity from Original Sin according to the Bible.
      • Jossed she is really just a powerful witch

There will be a reference to Avengers: Infinity War
This is being compared to Infinity War, so it would make sense if Ryan Murphy took some inspiration from that.
  • In Fire and Reign, the Coven are killed by Michael and Meade. If this turns out to be a reference to Thanos snapping away half of the universe, seeing as half of this season focuses on the Coven, confirmed.

Timothy is the true Alpha
The 'perfect DNA' might've been a test to sniff out the real Alpha by Michael and kill him in order to be unopposed, and Emily might've been rated the same by pure case.
  • Jossed.

The Warlocks are in hiding
Maybe they are the Cooperative and/or they will join up with the witches to bring down Michael (maybe with the overall season message that evil can only be defeated if we work together or something)
  • Jossed two of the warlocks supporting Michael have been burned at the stake and the other two who were against him, along with all the warlocks from the Hawthorn school were killed by Michael

Warlocks in the American Horror Story universe are either majority or entirely gay
Most of the warlocks seen to date have been portrayed by gay actors, which seems a bit convenient to just be a coincidence.

Mallory’s last name starts with an “L.”

The Murder House will burn down at some point.
In the title sequence, a house is shown being burned down. AHS is known for using subtle hints revealing significant plot points in their title sequences of that specific season.

Coco's power will grow and she'll be an important member of the Coven

Bubbles McGee is actually Evie Gallant
Both Bubbles and Evie have been shown to be famous within Hollywood and we know that Coco, Mallory, and Dinah had identity spells put on them. The three also were shown to have a connection to the Coven before the Apocalypse. Who else do we see have a connection to the Coven before the Apocalypse? Bubbles. And there just so happens to be someone who looks exactly like her, including having a connection to Hollywood, who survives the Apocalypse. Perhaps the only reason they didn't bring her back to life was because she was killed before Coco, Mallory, and Dinah were.
  • Jossed Michael & Meade killed Bubbles in episode 9, which was set in the past so she couldn't be Evie in the outpost in the present

Apocalypse will be two seasons long as opposed to the usual one.
At the rate the show is going, we're still in the flashback leading up to the apocalypse—we have no idea if half the characters we've seen survived the bombs, if the rest of the Purples will be brought back, if the apocalypse will be reversed, or how long it wil last (though it should end soon, given that we left off in 2021 and by 2022 the Cortez is up and running). The last three episodes will either have to move very quickly, or it will have to spill into the next season.
  • Jossed, but I think this would've worked better than the rushed ending they gave.

Robo-Meade will take down Michael
In episode 8, Meade's creators warn Michael not to let her know she's a robot straight away as things have gone wrong in the past when this has happened. Maybe she'll just go berserk and kill him with her robo-strength.
  • Jossed, Cordelia does Robo-Meade in.

Gallant & Brock are really Mutt & Jeff under an identity spell like Coco & Mallory

The Coven paid for Coco's place in the Outpost, not her father/family
  • Sort of jossed Myrtle magically made sure Coco and Mallory would be in Outpost 3

Emily & Tim aren't special...
They're androids like Meade

Brock will become an Ash Williams expy
  • Jossed, [[spoiler: all he does after killing Coco is stabbing Mallory, be set on fire by an enraged Mrytle, and distracting Madison long enough for Michael to revive and kill him.

Marie Laveau is still alive
Hear me out. Given that we know Papa Legba never reverses a deal and we know for a fact he knew of the time swap (given Nan's hinting towards knowing about the reversal), the deal he made with Cordelia is still on and Marie is still alive, probably with the memory of the events at Outpost 3, while Dinah remains in Hell, serving Marie's punishment.

Timothy and Emily's son, Devan, will be even more powerful than Michael, as the new Anti-Christ
True, both of the Satan-spawn killed someone while they were children, however, the signs signalling Michael's demonic nature did not begin until some time after he rapidly progressed in age; while Devan, has demonic omens surrounding him while he is still a child.

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