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Tear Jerker / American Horror Story: Apocalypse

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Not So Stoic indeed.

A season dealing with the end of the world is bound to have these.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In the first episode, Timothy being forcefully taken away from his family before the bombs go off. He asks if his family can come with him and when the Cooperative informs him that they're not allowed to come, he attempts to simply stay with his family to spend their last hours together, but is physically forced to leave while he and his family try to keep together. Made even sadder by his mother desperately trying to convince them to take Timothy's younger brother with them, only for them to deny him without even a moments hesitation of regret.
    • Andre's grieving over his fallen boyfriend Stu, he is beyond distraught when the only person he loved (and definitely one of the last few he had left) is killed and he can't even see his body. Why? Because Venable and Mead more than likely chopped him up and fed him into the stew they gave the rest of the survivors, with Andre immediately figuring it out and going hysterical over everyone realizing that they've been eating his dead boyfriend. 18 months do little to ease his grief and the worst part? Stu was killed because he had radiation poisoning, only for it to be revealed that he was never poisoned and that Venable just decided to kill an innocent, healthy person just to get rid of one more mouth to feed, and of course for her own pleasure.
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  • In the third episode, when Venable throws a Halloween party for the survivors, for once all of them are smiling and laughing happily and having a great time with each other even during the apocalypse as they gleefully bob for apples... but unfortunately they all don't know that the party is all a ruse and the apples are poisoned, and they all don't figure out until it's too late as every single one of them die a horrific, painful death by poison.
  • Episode 4 reveals that Cordelia was aware that Queenie ended up dying in the Hotel Cortez and did everything in her power to get her out of there. Unfortunately it wasn't enough as Queenie was trapped by the dark force inhabiting the hotel rendering Cordelia's spells and efforts futile. The Supreme considers not saving her to be her greatest failure and she would have continued to try had Queenie, who was grateful that Cordelia was trying, not convinced her to leave her so she can tend to the affairs of the Coven. The entire scene and the bond between the two women was utterly heartbreaking to the fandom.
  • Subverted and lampshaded in "Return to the Murder House" when Ben says he spends much of his days looking out the window, crying, and masturbating; Behold Chablis off-handedly calls him a 'tear jerker.'
    • In a way, Tate yelling at Michael, denying that he is his son, and calling him "fucked-up". This seems to be what turns Michael away from trying to be a better person, which is even sadder knowing that that's what Tate was trying to do himself in the first season, and the scene is eerily reminiscent of how Constance would yell at her own children. It's a cycle, doomed to repeat itself, and no one comes out happy.
  • Michael's reaction to discovering Miriam Mead's charred, skeletal remains. Huge props to Cody Fern's acting.
  • Zoe, Queenie, and other unnamed witches dying, cruelly shot by Mead on Michael's orders. The worst part? They can't be brought back. Michael destroyed their souls.
  • Cordelia suggesting that the coven invoke the Sacred Taking. Seeing her so desperate that she's willing to die to stop Michael is heartbreaking.
  • Myrtle's scream when Cordelia stabs herself to stop Michael and save Mallory is heartbreaking.
    • Before that, Cordelia telling Myrtle she loves her before doing so. And according to Sarah Paulson it was entirely improvised.
  • Timothy and Emily's son Devan turning out to be another Antichrist. Just the idea that everyone had to go through all that hell only to have to do it again (and maybe even more times) is quite sad.
  • The reversal of everything that happened in the flashback means that poor Moira has gone right back to being trapped in the Murder House.
  • Michael's death. Sure, he's the Anti-Christ and being run over (repeatedly) is really bad, but this happened to him when he was mentally 3 YEARS OLD. What sells it is Cody Fern's acting.
    Michael: I'm scared...! Take me to the house.
    • Then, just to Kick the Dog even further, what does Constance say to him?
    Constance: Go to hell.

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